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Jun 26

Hilton Shopping Bonus (Better Than Nothing)

One thing about travel companies: They never miss an opportunity to make a buck. One of the areas that they tend to do so is through shopping affiliates.*

500 Points from Hilton

online shopping

Visit the Hilton shopping mall

Hilton just sent out an email: Be one of the first 2,500 new shoppers to sign up for their Shop-to-Earn Mall and pick up 500 points when you spend $100. Now, let’s not kid ourselves: 500 points from Hilton is worth about $2 so, even if you spend only $100, the rebate is a whopping 2%. Try not to get too excited. But there are a couple of reasons that you should sign up for these emails, even if they become annoying after a while:

  • You should never, ever buy anything online without getting something back. Almost every merchant you can think of offers some sort of rebate through an online portal. Even Amazon, who had been the last holdout, has started offering points through JetBlue.**
  • Merchants often run targeted promotions through these sites. Hilton’s shopping site gets tons of hits, so it makes sense for the companies to throw them an occasional bonus.

Please, don’t ever buy anything online without getting something back for doing so.


*Beginner’s Hint: I have a page dedicated to using online shopping malls for travel and shopping discounts. It’s not complicated, but could be highly lucrative. It’s free and requires no more work on your part than clicking a link.

**It’s highly likely that any cost to the program is coming out of JetBlue’s pocket, but what do I care if they’re giving me points.


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