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Jul 09

Get Extra Hotel Points For Having A Messy Room!

It’s every teenager’s dream: Not only do you get to have a messy room but you also get rewarded for doing so! And now it can be your dream, too.

Going Green for Points

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Corporations are winning points for environmental awareness. Consumers are increasingly concerned with a company’s impact on society and are rewarding those companies who are taking a stand. Hotels are getting on the bandwagon. Most large chains have rolled out some form of a “go green” program to at least some of their properties, which rewards you with extra points for skipping housekeeping. You’re saving water and using fewer chemicals by remaking your own bed and skipping the extra laundry. Marriott, Starwood and Hilton will all give you 250-500 points per day that you participate, or they may offer you a food & beverage credit. And this isn’t like an airline’s Basic Economy product, where you surrender many of your civil rights to fly cheaper. If you need extra towels or soap, just call, and they’ll deliver the items to your room.

The Hotel Will See More Green, Too

Hotel chains, of course, aren’t doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. Housekeeping is expensive and, by skipping the chore, you are saving the hotel money. That’s what they’re really rewarding you for. They make a few extra bucks and pay you for the privilege.

Ultimately, you’re both doing good and picking up a bonus for doing so. No wonder everyone is happy about this offer.


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