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Dec 13

End Of Year Thoughts And A Good Marriott-Starwood Article

Don’t Let Your Points Expire

Your new year won’t be so happy if your points expire.                          Photo Credit: Creative Commons

As you move into the new year, it’s time to make sure that your points don’t expire. Every program has different rules about how frequently you need to have activity in your accounts, and it can be as few as three months (I’m looking at you, Spirit.).

Remember, you don’t have to stay at a property or fly to keep your points going. You can probably use a survey site, shop through the company’s web site or even earn pick some up on social media, such as at La Quinta. Note that Marriott’s social media points do not count as activity when it comes to preventing expiration.

Bottom Line: It’s worth keeping a list of your accounts and checking them every six months to make sure that you have nothing about to expire.

And a hat tip to beachmouse for the La Quinta tip.

Is Marriott Cool Enough For Starwood?

The New York Times does a pretty good job explaining the dilemma that Marriott faces as it integrates Starwood’s loyalty program into Marriott Rewards. SPG has always been the innovative one, while Marriott is, um, “reliable.” In particular, elite benefits at Starwood far exceeded those at many of its competitors and the program had a real fan base.

To be fair, Marriott has already started to integrate some of SPG’s most popular features. Elite members in the top two tiers, for instance, can now get guaranteed 4pm checkouts (except at resorts and conference centers). But the big kahuna of Starwood top-tier benefits, the upgrade to select suites, is still not included and may not be, unless Marriott offers upgrade credit for nights above the 75 minimum to earn Platinum. Hey, I need some reason to keep going with them, now that they’ve eliminated rollover nights.


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