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Mar 18

Elite Status Challenge on JetBlue

Elite Status on an airline is a pretty powerful loyalty program.  The benefits from status often save you annoying fees and bump you to the front of the line for boarding, security, etc.  It’s normally earned by flying a large number of miles, spending a large number of dollars, or both, on a single airline/partnership in a single year.

Every once in a while, airlines will offer a “challenge” to earn or maintain elite status.  This challenge usually consists of earning a certain number of elite points in a particular time frame and is meant to draw new members into the loyalty program or cement the loyalty of those already there.

JetBlue just jumped into the pool with an offer for existing elite (Mosaic) members.  Sign up by April 18 and you’ll have 90 days to earn 3,750 base points, which equates to $1,250 in spend on JetBlue (JB doesn’t measure miles for elite status purposes.).  Do so and you’ll extend your elite status through Decenber 31, 2015.  It’s a great deal, particularly if you were already planning on flying during that period.  Click here for the details.

It gets better.  Even if you don’t have elite status with JetBlue, if you do with another airline, click the above link and JetBlue will give you status until the end of the year.  And if you complete the challenge, you’ll also get it until December 31, 2015.

Pretty sweet, any way you look at it.

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