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Oct 27

Earn Las Vegas comps for free before you even get there!

I’m going on a bit of a tangent here, but enough people go to Las Vegas that covering a free (and fun, actually) way to get some comps online is worth a post.

Casinos got into the frequent player clubs reluctantly.  They prefer the big players who can drop thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions without blinking an eye.  But Harrah’s, which has always targeted the everyman, proved that regular people could be just as profitable, or even more profitable, than the high rollers, and without all the risk.  So casinos had to come up with something and, for many of them, it’s the bare minimum.  I’ve been to casinos where the people at the rewards desk couldn’t even tell me how to earn points!

But the bigger programs, like Harrah’s and MGM are reasonably well-run and MGM offers a bonus that nobody else comes close to: a free app that lets you play slots for free with virtual currency and earn actual rewards.  MGM is one of the largest gaming companies in the world and owns more than a dozen properties in Las Vegas alone, including MGM Grand, The Mirage, The Bellagio and Mandalay Bay.  The app is called myVEGAS Slots and you can access it on your mobile phone or through a Facebook account on a laptop or desktop.  Yes, I used the “F” word, and for those of you who have no interest in a FB account, and I can’t blame you, please read this.

Here’s how it works:

  • If you don’t already have an account with MGM’s loyalty program, called “M life,” sign up quickly here.
  • Open the app in your Facebook account and/or download the app on your mobile phone.  Sign in.  If you are using Facebook, I would recommend using a “secondary” account unrelated to your main one.
  • That’s it!  Start playing!  There are two types of chips, red ones and gold ones.  The red ones are the virtual chips you use to play the game, while the gold ones are the ones you earn through play that can be redeemed for prizes.
  • They will, of course, give you the opportunity to buy red chips, but you should never need to.  They give you so many free chips for daily bonuses and other goodies that you should be able to play non-stop.  You can also join a Facebook group such as “MyVegas Friends” to get more free chips, since you get extra based on how many friends you have.  Naturally, there is a thread to add friends solely for the purpose of the game, which is why you should keep this FB account separate from the one with your real-life friends.
  • You will start with a few chips and a couple of slot machines, but as you play, you’ll get more slot machines and bigger bonuses available to you.


It will take you almost no time to earn the easiest prizes.  The cheapest prizes are 1,000 gold chips, or “Loyalty Points (LPs)” as they’re called in the game.  You’ll get close to that on Day 1.  1,000 LPs will get you a room rate discount.  Free drinks start at 1,500 and the 2-for-1 buffets start at 4,000.  There are literally hundreds of prizes available and they ramp up quickly.  The cheapest free rooms start at 12,000 LPs (Circus Circus, midweek) and run as high as 181,500 for a weekend night at Mandalay Bay.  They have free Cirque Du Soleil shows starting at 28,000 and other prizes such as pool cabanas, nightclub tables or passes on the monorail.  You can also get free slot play, which is almost as good as actual cash.  Got a million points to spend?  You can have your wedding at the MGM Grand.  And 1.2 million points will get you a free 4-night cruise for two on Royal Caribbean.  Some of the prizes sell out quickly (Most are refreshed each day.), so have your trigger finger ready.

Bottom LIne: If you plan on spending some time in Las Vegas and don’t mind playing some free slot machines on your computer, myVEGAS Slots is a great way to spend some time and earn some freebies.





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