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May 22

Earn Delta Miles With Lyft

There will come a time when ride-sharing services are offering so many partner points that it becomes profitable to take one. Heck, they have the money to throw around. Uber lost almost $3 billion last year (but made it all up on volume).

Delta Miles for Lyft


Your ride awaits – the Fiat 500L                                                   Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Uber has traditionally had more partnerships that Lyft*, but the latter is getting into the game now. Sign up through the Delta and Lyft link and they’ll give you a $20 credit if you are a new rider. Already have a Lyft account? That’s okay, if you link your Delta SkyMiles account, you’ll get one mile for every dollar that you spend. Through August 31, you’ll get three miles per dollar spent on rides to or from the airport. That is, of course, in addition to any rewards you earn from your credit card. So if you get 2% back from your credit card and another one or three miles per dollar spent, your total reward value is somewhere in the range of 3–6%. Not a bad return for a Lyft to the airport.


*Beginner’s Hint: Lyft is a ride-sharing service, similar to Uber. The prices tend to be about the same. Lyft’s app isn’t quite as user-friendly as Uber’s, but they place more emphasis on the customer ride experience than other ride-sharing services do.


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