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May 05

Double JetBlue Points On Icelandair (Europe On The Cheap)

We’re going to talk about Icelandair today. No, way, don’t leave yet! I’ll try and make it worth your while. But first, the promotion.

Double TrueBlue Points on Icelandair


Even prettier planes than JetBlue

If you didn’t know that JetBlue has airline partners, you’re not alone. JetBlue actually has deals (to varying degrees) on several international carriers, as well as Hawaiian. The partnership with Icelandair is reciprocal, meaning that you can earn either’s miles on the other. In the case of earning JetBlue points on Icelandair, the number will be based on the booking class:*


The points chart for JetBlue points while flying Icelandair

It’s not the typical “points per dollar” spent that you would bet on JetBlue, but you do get a bonus for the more expensive fares.

Who Cares? It’s Icelandair. I’ll Never Fly Them…


You might as well stop and stay a while.

Most people reading this never actually will fly Icelandair, but that doesn’t have to be you. Here are two reasons why:

A Free Stopover in Iceland: It’s a tiny country with a ton to see. Iceland has incredible natural beauty, including volcanoes, hot springs and geysers; fantastic history and museums, celebrating its viking heritage; and, for good measure, locations from Game of Thrones. You are likely to have a connection on your way to Europe, so you might as well make it a good one. Really, who wants to deal with Heathrow?

It’s A Bargain:

Here’s a one-way flight from Boston to Paris on Delta (non-stop):


On Delta

And here’s a one-way flight from Boston to Paris on Icelandair, same day:


On Icelandair

Bit of a difference, isn’t there? Yes, I conducted this comparison in a highly scientific method (pulled up the first route that I though of), but the value is not unique to Boston-Paris. You can fly in business class on the latter for less than coach on the former. Granted, the business class on Icelandair is not as luxurious as the one on Delta, but it’s a heck of a lot better than coach and still gets you lounge access as well as 40 inches of pitch (the distance from seat back to seat back) for a five hour flight. That’s a heck of a bargain or, as they say in Iceland, that’s a heck of a bargain (Everyone speaks English there.).


Beginner’s Hint: Yes, in addition to a class of service (such as coach or first) and a price for the ticket, every ticket also has what’s known as a “Booking” or “Fare” class. That class is designated by a letter and defines the technicalities of the ticket, such as whether it’s upgradeable, refundable, etc.

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