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Apr 12

Delta Says That They Are Past Storm Effects

Delta takes a lot of pride in its on-time record and completion factor, but weather happens, even in Atlanta. In a conference call today, though, management said that they were over the effects of the storm and operations were back to normal.

The Imperfect Storm


Really cool photo from Creative Commons

Delta runs an excellent airline operation, but even it can’t defeat Mother Nature. When storms hit Atlanta last week, it was the imperfect storm. Not only was the storm unexpected but the airline was also dealing with spring break traffic. When flights were cancelled, there was no place to put all of those passengers. Delays were counted in hours, not days. And while some passengers were able to benefit from the situation, most dealt with varying degrees of frustration. There’s simply no one to blame in these situations and, without planes in the sky, no remedies, other than time. If you were lucky, you got free pizza. Other than that, you were responsible for your own overnight accommodations.

While operations may be running smoothly again, the phone lines aren’t. Last night, I was told that my wait for an agent would be greater than three hours. That’s a “hang up and call later” situation.

On a good day, traveling is tolerable. On a bad day, well, I don’t use that kind of language. The best advice that I can give is to be prepared, whether it’s before you even get to the airport or, even worse, after you get to the airport.

And, in the continuing saga that is United Airlines, the CEO has offered a more reasonable apology and is sending thank you notes to Sean Spicer for getting him off of “our top story” status on the news. I haven’t seen a travel story get this much news since Carnival stranded a ship in 2013.


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