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Feb 07

Delta Improves Its AirBNB Partnership

Delta has upped its partnership rate with Airbnb, allowing you to earn bonus miles on all stays through April 30, 2018.

Delta And Airbnb


Hoping that this is the first of many partnerships

Airbnb, which allows individuals to rent out their homes in much the same way that Uber provides ride service, has been picking up partners and has now joined with Delta to offer you bonus miles. When you open an account and book your first room, you’ll get a $25 credit, 2,000 bonus miles for a stay of at least $150 and three miles per dollar spent. You do have to book by April 30, 2017, for stays through April 30, 2018, and you’ll want to use the link above to get the bonus. But that’s it.

Hoping for More

Uber discovered that the best way to reach more people was to offer more partnerships, allowing you to earn points at Starwood, American Express and more for people using its service. There’s no reason that Airbnb couldn’t do the same thing.

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