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Background: Credit card bonuses are an excellent way to generate miles or cash quickly. Sign-up promotions of 50,000 miles or more, $500+ sign-up bonuses and/or tens of thousands of hotel points are not uncommon and, to some extent, are becoming the norm. But please know this: Whenever you order a credit card through this site, it generates a commission, which gives me a significant incentive to push credit cards regardless of whether they are appropriate, which feels wrong. In order to take the conflict of interest out, I donate all credit card proceeds to charity.

(Note that that’s what feels right to me and does not reflect on any other bloggers, most of whom do excellent work and have high integrity.)

So if you are applying for a new credit card, either one that I talked about or not, I encourage you to apply for it through the banner above that says “Find Your Adventure Faster.” You’ll get a great bonus and a worthy charity will get a donation.

Important Note: Credit card companies do not give generous bonuses because they are nice people. Those bonuses have to be paid for somehow, and a big source of those payments are from people who pay interest on balances that they carry over from month to month. Your best solution is to pay your card off in full each month, but if you do carry a balance, don’t use a rewards card, since they tend to have higher than average interest rates.

One final request: If a different blogger introduces you to a card and offers links on their sites, please use their links.

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  1. No matter where you’re traveling, when you use your Premier Rewards Gold Card there are no foreign transaction fees from American Express.

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