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May 15

Cookies, Cruises and Curses

Last week was a somewhat frustrating week when it came to travel news, so here are a few fun and interesting items that I found over the weekend.


A necessity for any flight

And then there were Biscoffs. When I first stumbled across the cookies in the late 90s, it was love at first bite. But I could never have told you back then just how popular the little treats would become. Of course, this was before you could buy anything on the internet, and the cookies weren’t for sale at local stores, so I had to make a pilgrimage up Green Street in San Francisco to find their headquarters. Turns out that they didn’t have a store, just an office building. It soon became clear that I wasn’t the first person to wander into their building in search of cookies, and they had a closet-full for sale. Here’s a hint: Even if you don’t like coffee, it serves as an excellent dip for Biscoffs. Read the above article to learn a bit more about the cookie cult.

Cruises: The World

Need a cozy little retirement home? How about one that never stops moving? If so, join the millionaires and billionaires on The World, who own residences on the ship. It’s a democratic community: They vote on everything, even Christmas decorations. It’s sort of living in a lifestyle center while being served by Gopher on the Lido deck. But you’ll have to pay up to enjoy it. Residents must have a minimum net worth of $10 million.


Seriously? Anybody who has ever watched The Brady Bunch knows that you never, ever take anything you find on a Hawaiian volcano.

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