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Oct 23

Check Your Emails For This Delta Promotion

If you’re anything like me, you probably send most of your emails from airlines right to the “Deleted” folder without opening them. And, truthfully, that’s what most correspondence from the carriers deserves. But every once in a while, something good slips through.

Delta’s 25,000 Mile Partner Promotion


I’m not sure where that is, but 25,000 miles probably won’t get you there.

Late last week, I got an email from Delta offering me 1,000 miles each time I used a partner through the end of the year, up to 25,000 miles. The email was targeted*, but Flyertalk indicates that a fair number of people got the offer.

The promotion sounds easy enough. Just access a partner through the Delta website, or use a partner that you have otherwise linked to Delta (e.g., getting Delta miles when you use lyft) and they’ll credit your account. There are plenty of partners to choose from.


A few possibilities

Of course, Delta’s promotions are often similar to the games at a carnival’s midway: They look much easier than they actually are. There are a couple of major obstacles between you and your 25,000 miles.

  • First, the partners have to be new for you this year. If you have already earned miles from a particular partner in 2017, any miles that you earn from them in the promo period won’t count. Take a look through your history in your Delta SkyMiles account to see where you have and haven’t earned anything this year.
  • Second, and probably more important, is that these promotions usually reference “categories” as opposed to merchants. For example, there is a long list of merchants under SkyMiles Shopping, but it’s likely that only one purchase will count toward your bonus (That’s always the way that multiple purchases have been treated in the past.). For example, you can’t make $1 purchases at 25 different stores to get the bonus. Even more infuriating is that Delta doesn’t make it clear just how restrictive it will be. For example, you will likely get two partner “hits” if you earn points from both Marriott and Hilton. So why shouldn’t you get two hits if you make purchases from different merchants through different retailers?

The Bottom Line: By all means, if you qualify, sign up for the promotion. But don’t go too crazy generating spending.

Beginner’s Hint: A targeted email is one that is only sent to a certain group of customers. Those who didn’t receive the email usually aren’t eligible for the promotion.


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