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Dec 18

Last-Minute Shopping, WestJet, Hunter Harrison

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Today’s post is dedicated to Pittsburgh Steelers fans*. We’ll see you in January. Last-Minute Shopping For those of you doing a little last-minute shopping, remember to check out the Shopping & Travel Rebates section for ideas on how to pick up extra miles or dollars. Truthfully, those sites are good year-round and will get you …

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Sep 28

WestJet Launches Swoop (There It Is)


If you’re not from Canada, you may never have heard of WestJet. And that’s too bad, since WestJet is not only Canada’s second largest domestic carrier but it also has a number of really cheap fares in and out of the US and Mexico, as well as over the Atlantic. WestJet is a traditional low-cost …

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Sep 02

Weekend Tidbits…WestJet, Southwest And Coffee

Hmm, let’s see what’s going on in the world of travel… Get WestJet Silver Status WestJet is the second largest airline in Canada but, unless you live there, you may never have heard of it. Too bad for you. Think “Canadian version of JetBlue,” but even nicer (because, you know, Canadian), which is appropriate, because …

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Feb 13

Canada Becoming Cheaper


The Canadian Dollar may be picking up strength against its US counterpart, but flights to, from and within Canada are about to get cheaper, as WestJet expands its operations in eastern Canada. A Little Respect Who? Yup. Unless you’re Canadian, an airplane nerd or spend a lot of time in Terminal A at Boston’s Logan …

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Aug 25

A Unique Airline Status Match Offer

Note: Even if you haven’t heard of WestJet, please read this post. Given the rate at which they are launching inexpensive international flights, you’ll want to know a bit more about them. WestJet Status Match Today’s “winner of the day” is WestJet, the second-largest Canadian carrier. First, they get props because the basic tier of their …

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Mar 30

VirginBlue? It Could Have Happened…

Over the past couple of decades, I’ve had the good fortune to meet some of the senior leaders in the airline industry. Their backgrounds are all different but, to a person, they’ve all had one thing in common: They are extraordinarily intelligent. You really have to be in this industry, given how tough it is …

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Oct 19

WestJet Gets Frozen and What to do with Expiring Miles

Seriously? Was this necessary?  When WestJet announced a “new initiative” with Disney last week, I should have paid attention. Long-time readers know of my running battle with my frenemy, the movie Frozen. After tripping over Elsa and Olaf dolls more times than I can count, I was prepared to banish them to that giant ice castle that …

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Aug 26

News from around the industry…

Mileage deals are slow right about now, but there’s a few tidbits around the travel industry that are worth noting Get ready to take off for Cuba. With the US having reopened tourism to the island, airlines are already scheduling flights, with Bloomberg estimating that the number of travelers heading from the US to Cuba …

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May 10

The convergence of full-service carriers and low-cost carriers

Airlines seem to have finally discovered the secret to success: Keep costs low, shove as many people as you can onto planes and try not to grow too fast, except where you’re competing against somebody with higher costs.  Traditionally, consistent profitability has been the realm of the discount carriers, such as Southwest, while highs and …

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Apr 01

An airline with a sense of humor

WestJet (Think “JetBlue of Canada.”  Or, more precisely, JetBlue is the WestJet of the US.) is a unique airline in one sense: It has a sense of humor.  Last year, a certain blogger who shall remain unnamed got fooled by the airline’s April Fool’s joke about their schedule “conversion” to metric time.  Being one year …

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