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Nov 11

More about devaluation…

As discussed earlier, airlines will often raise prices of awards, thereby devaluing their programs.  One thing I forgot to mention is that one of them does it, the others often follow suit.  Why?  Because they can.  It’s the same way that my 4-year olds always want to be line leader and see everyone go after …

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Nov 08

Why are airline tickets priced so crazily

Many people have seen the analogy comparing airline pricing with paint, but rarely are we given an insight into why the pricing is so crazy.  I hope to provide a little bit of that explanation. The Economics 101 explanation would be “supply and demand.”  But S & D is too simplistic.  If it were that easy, …

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Oct 02


Here is a glossary of terms that you may encounter while managing your frequent flyer miles.  If a term isn’t clear to you, please contact me so I can help! Want to subscribe? Just enter your email in the box above (and to the right) and click on the confirmation. GMailers, check your Social or …

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