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May 15

Cookies, Cruises and Curses

Last week was a somewhat frustrating week when it came to travel news, so here are a few fun and interesting items that I found over the weekend. Cookies And then there were Biscoffs. When I first stumbled across the cookies in the late 90s, it was love at first bite. But I could never …

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May 12

Umm, About That Laptop Ban From Europe…

laptop ban

Last month, somebody broke into my blogging account and wrote that the United States would never expand the laptop ban to Europe. Sad! All Kidding Aside… Discussion of banning laptops on flights from Europe into the United States (which European countries would almost certain implement on flights to the US) has accelerated over the past …

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Apr 26

No, The US Is NOT Going To Extend The Electronics Ban To Europe

laptop ban

An article in The Guardian yesterday claimed that the US is considering banning laptops on flights from Europe, and possibly the UK, into the United States. For that matter, it would prohibit any electronics larger than a smart phone and would be similar to the one implemented a month ago on flights from certain mostly-Muslim …

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Apr 13

Out Of Office Notice

I’ll be traveling over the next several days. Posts will be few and far between. I look forward to seeing you all again in a little under two weeks.   Want to subscribe? Just enter your email in the box above (and to the right) and click on the confirmation. GMailers, check your Social or …

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Mar 21

Travel Ban 3.0: New Electronics Restrictions on Certain Routes


Another day, another new government regulation. This one likely won’t affect you, but here are the details. Carry-On Electronics to be Limited on Some US-Bound Flights Last night, the US announced limits on electronic carry-ons from several mostly-Muslim countries (Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UAE). Not all the details are out, …

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Mar 17

And Now, for Something Completely Different…

In 2007, Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Friedman published what would become perhaps his best-known work, “The World is Flat; A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century.” The book addresses the issue of globalization and the continuing phenomenon of the world becoming more interconnected. Air travel, economic expansion and the internet have certainly made the planet …

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Jan 20

And Now, for Something Completely Different…

I have been thinking a lot about Aaron Sorkin ever since I read a few days ago that it is supposed to rain in Washington DC today. Sorkin often uses rain in his movies to indicate that “something bad” is about to happen, in much the same way that oranges in The Godfather indicated that …

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Jan 03

And We’re Back! About Credit Reports…

credit score

Welcome back, and I hope you had a great holiday season and new year. And, the first thing that you should do for the new year is… Free Credit Scores Consumers are entitled to one free credit report from each of the three major credit agencies once every twelve months. You do not need to …

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Oct 15

Why I’m Thrilled That Delta Made $2 Billion Last Quarter


In the third calendar quarter of 2016, Delta Airlines made almost $2 billion of pre-tax income. And the only thing that would have made me happier is if they had made $3 billion. Why Profitable Airlines Are Good There are few things in the country that are more American than disparaging airlines. I mean, Mom and …

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Sep 28

Amtrak Upgrades And Sales


I don’t write a lot about Amtrak, but every once in a while, I see something interesting. So here’s something interesting. Amtrak Sale The key word here is “Select.” You’ll need to book at least 14 days in advance, and it’s only good on Saturday nights and “select” weeknight trains, but 25% is a decent …

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