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May 05

700 Free And Easy Miles from American (And A Chance To Win 350,000)

In honor of its 35th anniversary, American Aadvantage, the frequent flyer program for American Airlines, is running a promotion that they call “Miles for Milestones.” In theory, it is a celebration of all the places you can go, and the occasions you can go there for, with miles. In reality, it’s free miles. You can …

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Feb 17

Marriott Bonus Points, Lounge Upgrades at American

Marriott Every company is getting into the social media game and Marriott is no exception. It’s offering you a bonus to link your various accounts to them and will provide future bonuses based on, well, I’m not quite sure. It hints at sending you emails and offers which will get you bonus points if you …

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Jan 24

Bad Advice from Andie MacDowell

Okay, it’s been a rough weekend, so we’re keeping this one short. Bad Advice from Andie MacDowell Apparently, Andie MacDowell was not happy with AA after they moved her to coach with her dog when she had paid for first. Truthfully, reading through her Twitter account, she seems like a lovely person, but there are …

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Oct 08

Starwood Promotions and Administrative Issues

Two Starwood Promotions Starwood does a few big promotions per year, but it also does several smaller promos. The smaller ones have a more limited audience but rarely take much effort. Usually, they are “nice to haves.” Bonus Delta Miles At most hotel brands, you have the option to earn airline miles instead of the …

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Feb 15

JetBlue’s flight status is down; here’s a workaround:

For those of you flying JetBlue in the next 24 hours (including myself), you’re going to want to keep an eye on your flight if you live in or are traveling to a weather-affected area.  But there’s a problem: the flight status links on their site are down, and nobody feels like waiting on the …

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Jul 16

A few tidbits from around the mileage world…

For those of you who have never flown Virgin America, it has a nice product, especially if you find yourself in the front of the plane.  Recently, the company launched an elite status match if you have status with United, American, Delta or Southwest.  Virgin has two levels to its own program, Gold and Silver, and …

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Jan 27

Why you need a Facebook and Twitter account, even if you hate Facebook and Twitter

This post is for those of you who don’t have FB or Twitter and don’t want one.  Yeah, I know, they’re annoying and generate privacy concerns.  But those problems are solvable. The fact remains that social media is becoming the number one outlet for airlines to release specials and bonuses, and the gap versus other …

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