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Aug 23

Two New Promos: JetBlue and Starwood

Part of the fun of this game is finding all of the promos that are out there. Today, I saw two new ones, including one that doesn’t require any stays, flights or dollars spent on your part. JetBlue “Go All Over” Before we get started, I’d like to remind my readers of one thing: I …

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Aug 10

The Olympics of Hotel Elite Status: Part One

Travelers, including myself, often put a lot of emphasis on airline elite status. Let’s face it: The gap between bottom tier and top tier can make a huge difference in how comfortably you fly and the fees you pay. Not as many people spend time thinking about hotel elite status. The reason, I suspect, is that …

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Jul 26

Bits And Pieces from around The Industry

Double Starwood Points at Tribute Hotels So the cool new thing for hotel chains to do these days is to pretend that they aren’t chains. Of course, given the nature of the product, that’s not always an easy thing to do. So many of the major chains are creating “sub-brands,” or boutique hotels within a …

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May 03

Register for Hotel Promotions from Marriott And Starwood

Hotel promotions are filling up the travel news these days, but they do require registration. Here are a couple: Marriott A few weeks ago, I mentioned a promotion for new members to the Marriott Rewards program. If you haven’t joined already, now is a good time to do so to enter the 1,000 Nights of …

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Apr 14

Starwood Preferred Guest Announces Strong Summer Promotion

Starwood’s Preferred Guest program (SPG) announced a strong promotion for the period of May 9 – July 31, following on yesterday’s discussion of Intercontinental’s Share Forever. The Details This promotion is targeted at stays of two nights or more, the biggest negative overall. But if you do have a multi-night stay coming up during that …

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Apr 07

Bits and Pieces from around The Travel Industry

One of the nice things about the travel industry is that, when there aren’t any great mileage promotions, there’s always something interesting going on. Or, in this case, a bunch of something interestings…   You Can Travel Like a Millennial (But Do You Want To?) I’ll say up front that I’m not a Millennial. I …

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Apr 04

Just Another Manic Monday

I try not to write too much about industry financials, because those conversations inevitably get deep into the weeds, but the past few days have been too odd to ignore. Starwood After volatile romances with both Marriott and Anbang Insurance of China, Starwood finally ended up with Sarah, Plain and Tall. The courtship began as …

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Mar 29

Buying Miles and Merger Mania

Buying Miles As many of you know, airlines are happy to sell you miles directly. Occasionally, they will run promotions, which I have seen go as high as a 100% bonus (i.e., buy XXX,XXX miles, get XXX,XXX free). I’ve tried to make it clear over the years that I am not a fan of these …

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Mar 26

Huge Hotel Credit Card Bonuses Ending Soon

I’m traveling this weekend, checking out the cherry blossoms, so I’m keeping posts short, but one thing worth noting is that there is a limit to the banks’ generosity when it comes to credit card bonuses, and we are approaching the end. We have “excess” bonus offers at three of the major hotel companies and …

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Mar 17

Who Will Starwood’s New Owner Be?

On Tuesday, a Chinese company called “Anbang Insurance Group” announced that it was making an unsolicited bid for Starwood Hotels, owner of Westin, Sheraton and several other brands. This bid, for just over $81, trumps an offer from Marriott, which is not only valued at about $70 per share but is also to be paid …

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