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Sep 06

Fare Wars Are Back. Thanks, Delta And Spirit!

Oops, they did it again. Just a few months after the airlines were able to brag about increasing pricing and profits, the industry started to do what it does best: attack each other. And the fare wars are only to your benefit. Delta And Spirit Disappoint Investors For the most part, the airline is a …

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Aug 17

Sun Country: Hey Jude, Don’t Make It Bad…

Sun Country

Newly appointed Sun Country CEO Jude Bricker has announced a new direction for the discount carrier, and it might not be one that its current passenger base cares for. Sun Who? If you’ve never heard of Sun Country, you’re not alone. The discount carrier plays an important role, however, in not only servicing the local …

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May 10

Spirit Airlines Enhances Airport “Entertainment”


It’s been an ugly month for airlines, but Spirit Airlines may have PR award by cancelling a flight, leading to a battle royal at the gate. And they didn’t even charge extra to watch it!* A Cancellation Leads to Chaos Spirit Airlines, which was completing only 50% of its flights on time at one point, …

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Jul 15

Shocker: The Airlines Lose A Round in Washington

I had a few other topics I wanted to talk about today, but they are going to have to wait a day so that I can discuss the new FAA reauthorization bill. And, before your eyes roll, I’ll tell you that there are a few pieces in it that might interest you. The most important …

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Apr 25

2016 Airline Prices Will Be Down. Again.

We’re likely to hit a historical milestone in the airline industry in 2016: two consecutive years of pricing declines. It may not feel like it, but overall ticket prices declined last year and, based on the commentary that I have heard on quarterly airlines earnings call, they will likely do so again this year. Back-to-back …

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Apr 01

Spirit Airlines Adding Yet Another Fee…And Wait until You See What It Is

It’s finally happened: This morning, Spirit Airlines announced its Lavatory Usage Charge, or LUC. Per their press release, the airline will begin charging passengers $2 to use the lav for 90 seconds, or $3 for unlimited usage. A $5 unlimited VIP pass, allowing you to jump to the front of the line, is also in …

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Jan 15

Why Even Lightning Strikes are Better Overseas

Even I feel a little bit bad for the airlines on this one. European Airlines, whose involuntary denied boardings (IDB) are already governed by the particularly strict EC 261, lost another one in court when a British judge ruled that they owed passengers compensation for a cancelled flight due to a lightning strike. Ouch. Normally, …

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Jan 12

What You Should And Shouldn’t Expect When You Travel

Travel and Leisure magazine just issued its list of the world’s worst airlines airlines for in-flight service. No surprise who the “winner” is and I’m not going to rehash the whole article (and not just because they listed a defunct airline or don’t know the difference between “uninterested” and “disinterested.”), although it makes for an …

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Dec 07

An Emirates/JetBlue Bonus and a Reader Question

For those with the big bucks, JetBlue announced a promotion in conjunction with Emirates. Register here and use the promo code on the page and you’ll get a discount on your Emirates flight, based on the class of service that you buy. And because you can earn TrueBlue points on Emirates, you’ll get either double …

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Nov 05

United Joining AA in Considering No-Frills Fares

At an industry conference yesterday, United Network Manager Doug Leo stated that the company is looking at introducing no-frills fares, similar to the ones that Delta offers and that American announced in its third quarter conference call. In particular, Mr. Leo referred to “segmented” fares which, similar to ultra-low-cost carriers, come with a seat only. If …

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