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Southwest Airlines: Double Rapid Rewards Points

southwest, rapid rewards

Southwest Airlines recently announced a double Rapid Rewards promotion for flights booked and completed between April 6 and June 13. You will need to register. Rapid Rewards Overview Why is this program different from all other programs? Rapid Rewards is one of the more favorable programs, with points that can be used for any flight …

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Southwest Chase Card Offering 50,000 Points (Still)

southwest, rapid rewards, credit card

Southwest is offering a 50,000 signup bonus with its credit card if you spend $2,000 in the first three months. It comes with a $69 annual fee, but the return is more than tenfold. The standard bonus for this card is 30,000 points, but they run the 50K promotion so frequently that there’s no reason …

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Southwest Fare Sales Shows The Beauty Of Rapid Rewards

southwest airlines

This morning, Southwest Airlines launched a flash fare sale, with one-way prices as low as $49 each. The Fare Sale Basics Fare sales are nothing unusual for the airline and they often come with conditions, such as blackouts and advance purchase requirements. This one is no different but, for $100 round-trip, it’s really difficult for …

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Southwest Airlines: Is Any Seat Worth $100?

There may be no airline craftier than Southwest. They’ve created a folksy image as an “Aw, shucks” airline and positioned themselves as the underdog but, over time, they’ve been nothing but a profit beast, outshining their larger competitors by leaps and bounds. One of the images that they portray is that of a fee-free carrier. …

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Zorkfest: A Las Vegas Extravaganza

My friend Mike writes the blog Travelzork, a site that does for Las Vegas and gambling what I attempt to do for miles (although he generally does it much better). If you have any interest in gaming, his is a site worth visiting, since he knows all the tricks to earn points and freebies at …

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Three Airline Policies That Need To Change

Airlines are complex beasts and, because of that, have regulations books roughly the size of a small elephant. As passengers, we accept those complications and learn to live with them. But what about policies, rules and regulations that make no sense, or are never enforced? Most people can deal with unusual approaches, as long as …

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Southwest Brings Back the 50,000 Point Credit Card Bonus

southwest rapid rewards credit card

It’s back! Southwest has temporarily raised the sign-up bonus on its Rapid Rewards Credit Card. You will receive 50,000 points if you spend $2,000 in the first three months, rather than the normal 30,000. These premium bonuses are limited-time only, although they tend to occur frequently. The card has an annual fee of $69. Rapid …

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Self-Driving Cars in Vegas, Other News


Welcome to 2018 and mileage reset day, the day on which all of your year-to-date totals are reset to zero. I’m going to ease back in with a few interesting pieces of travel news. Self-Driving Cars for CES Lyft is going to offer self-driving cars for attendees at CES, Las Vegas’s annual consumer electronics show. …

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Three Predictions For 2018

With 2018 right around the corner, it’s time to take a look at what could be in our future, both the good and the bad. Here are a few possibilities to watch out for: Southwest Charges Fees This will be the most controversial of today’s predictions. Southwest has been known as the “fee-free” airline, advertising …

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Weekend Tidbits…WestJet, Southwest And Coffee

Hmm, let’s see what’s going on in the world of travel… Get WestJet Silver Status WestJet is the second largest airline in Canada but, unless you live there, you may never have heard of it. Too bad for you. Think “Canadian version of JetBlue,” but even nicer (because, you know, Canadian), which is appropriate, because …

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