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May 24

Airport Security Is About To Get Suckier

And it doesn’t even involve a laptop ban. In its infinite wisdom, the TSA is testing even more measures to make your travel experience miserable. Here are the details: Get Ready to Unpack…Everything   Because separating your liquids, gels, electronics, etc. just isn’t enough. The Wall Street Journal today that the TSA has been testing …

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Mar 20

Skip The Upcoming Sexual Harassment by Paying $85


Hey, good news: The TSA is enhancing its security procedures! Okay, not good news. Getting Intimate with your TSO In the name of “airport consistency,” which seems diametrically opposed to its normal “planned inconsistency” policy, the TSA is consolidating its five funky search methods into a single, more “comprehensive,” one. In other words, be prepared …

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Jun 01

Bits And Pieces from around The Industry

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend. I’m going to ease back in with a few bits and pieces from around the world of travel. American Airlines Raising Lounge Prices As I discussed a few months ago, American Airlines is finally going to get around to renovating its airport lounges. That’s a good thing …

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May 21

TSA Security Circus

A trip to the airport has become a circus. And I mean that quite literally, as airports go to ridiculous lengths to soothe patient travelers in lines that have no reason to exist. As you deal with what has clearly become an intentional a TSA work slowdown (work-to-rule) in the hopes of pumping up the …

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Apr 05

Seven Basic Lessons for Surviving The Travel “Experience”

As anyone reading this blog knows, air travel isn’t perfect. The problem is that there are several steps in the process of getting from here to there that can go wrong and, if any single link in the chain breaks, the whole thing could fall apart. Getting to the airport. Checking in. Getting through security. …

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Mar 11

The Cranky Edition

I’ve been on the road most of the past four weeks and I’m starting to feel it. Over the past week, I have been in three time zones, with a difference of 17 hours between last week and today. In other words, I’m tired and cranky. Apparently, Lines Are Long at Security… Well, it’s about …

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Feb 17

Marriott Bonus Points, Lounge Upgrades at American

Marriott Every company is getting into the social media game and Marriott is no exception. It’s offering you a bonus to link your various accounts to them and will provide future bonuses based on, well, I’m not quite sure. It hints at sending you emails and offers which will get you bonus points if you …

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Apr 09

A couple of high-end credit card deals worth your time (but one comes with a catch)

I have to admit, part of the fun of this gig is the “something for nothing” aspect, whether it is miles, cash back or the occasional “free after ExtraBucks” shampoo at CVS (Okay, the first two are generally more exciting, especially because the hotels provide plenty of shampoo.).  And while it’s rare to get rewards …

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Apr 07

Your days of pre-check may be ending. Secure your fast pass

Yesterday, the TSA announced that it would be ending, or at least severely cutting back, the program that allowed passengers who were not a part of the pre-check program to use the pre-check lane.  The TSA has made this threat before, but it has gotten enough publicity this time around that I believe it’s for …

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Sep 12

You can beat the long lines at security (but it may cost you)

In the Wall Street Journal today, travel columnist Scott McCartney wrote about American’s return to peak scheduling, where all the flights tend to come in during particular banks of times, as opposed to spacing them throughout the day.  By “banking” flights, American is making layovers shorter and connections more logical.  Mr. McCartney notes that it …

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