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Jul 13

Yet another reason not to book hotels through online travel agents (OTAs)

Last week, the Wall Street Journal ran an article about a family that booked a room through Expedia, only to find out two days before their trip that the hotel was cancelling the reservation, since it had oversold the property (The article might be behind a paywall, but I can give you what you need to …

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Aug 26

American Airlines pulls fares from Orbitz

Claiming a dispute with Orbitz over pricing, American Airlines pulled its fares from Orbitz this morning as of today for travel after September 1. Fear not if you have already booked with Orbitz; your ticket is still good. If you need to make changes, however, you need to call American. Okay, here’s the fun part. …

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Apr 30

Cash back for Car Rentals and Online Travel Agents

Yesterday, I ran through how to earn cash back just for booking hotels and airfare.  Today, let’s finish the vacation and do car rentals and online travel agents. In the comments yesterday, I was asked about the reliability of one of the shopping sites.  While I have no reason to believe that any of the …

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Apr 24

Orbitz ups the game on rewards with new credit card

Now it gets interesting.  Accoding to the Wall Street Journal, Orbitz is introducing a credit card that will significantly increase the points you get for booking.  As noted in a previous post, Orbitz already ran the best program for online travel agent.  But the credit card make it even better. In short, using the Orbitz Visa …

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Jan 14

Orbitz: My top choice for online travel sites

One of the mistakes that I make is assuming that readers always read through these posts in chronological order.  Most just start from the top and go backwards.  Thus, I’d suggest reading the Expedia post below before reading this one. Bottom line: Orbitz is by far the better program.  It’s not even close.  Here are …

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