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Feb 21

Win 100,000 topbonus Miles from airberlin

You may not know topbonus, which is the mileage program for airberlin, but you should. Not because you will ever fly them, but because they give out a lot of free miles and have some interesting promos. Win 100,000 topbonus Miles topbonus (no capital letters) tends to have a lot of promotions and offers inexpensive …

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Jan 08

airberlin: Triple Or Quadruple Miles from US to Europe


You may never have heard about airberlin, but they’re an airline worth opening an account with, even if you never intend to fly Germany’s second largest airline. They tend to give away a ton of free miles and, as a oneworld alliance member, their miles can be used on airlines around the world. Big Bonus …

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Oct 23

Two Airline Programs That Will Give You Free Points

Nothing like free points to get the fingers typing. Here are two programs that will do so: airberlin Despite their lack of capital letters, I really like the airberlin program. airberlin is one of the largest airlines that you’ve never heard of, as the second largest in Germany and a member of the oneworld alliance, …

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Aug 02

American Airlines: You Are Now Your Ticket Price

American Airlines Goes Revenue-Based Yesterday, American Airlines officially became the last of the three legacy carriers to move to a revenue-based system to determine how many miles you will earn on your flight. In a world where the length of the flight does not necessarily correlate to the price, I’m not surprised that this change …

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May 12

American Airlines Summer Bonus to Europe

Every summer, American its oneworld partners run a promotion for travel between North America and Europe. Business travel gets slow during the summer, so they are willing to make it worth your while to fly in a higher fare class. This year, you can max out at 50,000 miles after two round-trips during the promotion …

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Jan 16

Reader Question: Transferring Points between Airlines

Reader Question: Can I apply for the British Airways credit card, transfer the points to Alaska and use those points  to fly Emirates? Thanks for the question. The short answer is no, since it is very difficult to transfer points directly between airlines. But there are other options out there. There are a number of …

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Sep 23

Big American Airlines bonuses to Europe, increased Chase Ink bonus

There are a couple of interesting bonuses out there now. Both involve a bit of work, but what kind of fun would it be if they just gave them to you? Actually, it would be a lot of fun, but the world doesn’t work that way. AA (and BA, which has a link on its …

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Aug 24

Mileage running for fun and, well, just for fun

I really appreciate my friend Marty. He’s a great guy and knows all the good restaurants in Las Vegas, but even better, he’s more, er, “enthusiastic*” about miles than I am. Whenever I tell my wife about one of my “exploits,**” causing her to shake her head, I can always point to Marty and say, …

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Aug 06

About airline polls…

One thing that US News & World Reports is good at is building polls. For example, every year, the “Best Colleges” poll causes angst among the 16-year olds as they struggle over whether they should apply to #1 Penn or #235 Columbia University, or perhaps some school in between. And just what will their friends think …

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Jun 11

A few programs around the world offering free points

Free points are free points.  It doesn’t matter where they’re from or how often you will use the program, take them if somebody is giving them to you.  Here are two options: Copa Airlines, a carrier that does North-South connections through Panama City, possibly the connecting hub in the world, is offering 2,000 miles to …

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