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Mar 27

Why You Should Love Paying Taxes

taxes credit card

Please note: I am not a tax adviser. I have never been a tax adviser and will likely never be a tax adviser. Nothing in this post should be taken as tax advice and you should consult a professional with tax questions, not some guy on the internet. As the old saying goes, nothing is …

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Jul 29

Airline sales and internet haters…

It’s that time of the year, when airlines start to put out fare sales for the fall promotions, filling seats that might otherwise go unsold. This week was the discount carriers, including JetBlue, Virgin America and Southwest, with the network carriers likely to follow in the next few weeks. It’s always nice to think that you’re …

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Jul 20

Citi offers a great AA bonus, but do you actually want the card?

I get a fair amount of questions about which cards are worth the bonus and which aren’t. It’s different for everyone, but here’s how I look at it. Last summer, Citibank made one of  the single-most boneheaded moves in the mileage world that I’ve ever seen from a financial services company: It offered an American …

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May 12

End of an Era: SunTrust crushes the Delta SkyMiles card

It finally happened.  After years of allowing Delta flyers (and non-flyers) to rack up hundreds of thousands of Delta mlles with the swipe of a debit card, SunTrust announced a change of terms of service that essentially kill the usefulness of the card as of July 25 (Who chose that date, anyway?). For those of …

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May 03

UFB Direct dramatically devalues debit card

While my favorite bank for earning American Airlines is BankDirect, a close second, until recently, was UFB Direct, which gave one mile for every two dollars spent on its debit card.  Unfortunately, I’m now using the past tense for the latter, because the bank significantly devalued the card a few days ago. As of June, …

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Sep 12

JetBlue’s gift, Cheap(er) destinations and the end of an era

JetBlue sent out an email this morning announcing that they were lowering the minimum redemption level on flights from 5,000 point to 3,500.  The email did have a number of conditions, including days of the week and peak dates, but that is the case at just about any airline.  Truthfully, I was going to take …

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Aug 22

My frequent flyer soapbox

A friend of mine, who is a far better writer than I am, once advised me that a Twitter post should be at least two of the following: funny, useful or informative.  I’m assuming that the same applies for blogs.  Well, this post won’t be funny (Some would argue that none of my attempts at …

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Jul 29

How the USA became such a hot destination for Venezuelans

On American Airlines’s quarterly conference call, CEO Doug Parker made a curious comment about airline demand.  He noted that revenues per seat mile flown (RASM), the unit of measurement for airline sales, would not be as high as expected because of weakness in Venezuela.  Venezuela?  I mean, I know the country isn’t tiny, but these …

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Jul 23

Path to a decision: Should I renew my Delta Silver Elite status

In the summer, a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of miles.  With the sounds of the Delta third-quarter conference call in the background, it’s time for me to make my decision on whether I will make an attempt to renew my Delta elite status at the Silver level, the lowest of the four.  To earn …

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Jun 18

100,000 miles for the Citi AA card: How much is too much

In a previous post, I discussed the Citibank American Aadvantage credit card, which gives you 100,000 miles after making $10,000 worth of purchases within three months.  If you don’t normally spend that much, you can manufacture spend or come up with other creative solutions (I prepaid my homeowners and auto insurance for the year, for …

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