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Aug 07

Are these really the best programs?

Every year, publications such as US News & World Report put out articles about what they believe are the best travel programs.  These articles may sell a lot of magazines, but as far as you are concerned, they could be useless.  The problem, of course, is that the authors of the articles choose criteria that …

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Jul 28

JetBlue points for taking surveys

There are a number of companies out there that will pay you cash, miles, etc. to take surveys, such as e-Rewards.  They range from productive to downright annoying. I recently got an email from Points For Surveys that offers 500 JetBlue points for taking your first survey and then various other rewards for taking further …

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Jul 24

What do airline earnings say about passenger experiences?

Once per quarter, airlines comment on their earnings for the previous quarter and give projections for the following quarter.  Anyone can listen to these reports through a webcast on the airlines’ websites.  There is normally a lot of technical language around the income statement, as well as updates on the airlines’ plans.  The call ends …

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Jul 05

Yapta: A site that lets you know when your tickets have dropped in price

Internet sites related to travel are a dime a dozen now.  The newest thing is a bevy of sites that promise to tell you the best date, time, moon cycle, etc., to buy a ticket.  Once you buy it, though, you’re on your own. offers a unique proposition: They will take your flight information …

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Jun 20

Is Delta targeting Boston?

On Monday, Delta issued a press release announcing the launch of Seattle-Hong Kong service.  It’s no secret that Alaska Air and Delta are in a skirmish in Seattle (mentioned here), as Delta looks for a west coast hub for its Asian flights.  So when Delta listed Seattle among its “key hubs and markets,” nobody should have been …

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Jun 04

JetBlue offering triple miles for Washington National flights

Well, now we know what the next city JetBlue is going to try and dominate in the northeast is. Thanks to the US Airways-American merger, JetBlue will almost double the number of flights that it operates out of Washington National (DCA) and is rewarding you by tripling the amount of miles you can earn for …

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May 30

Earning miles with short surveys: e-Rewards

Some mileage opportunities are big ones.  Some are smaller.  This one falls into the latter category, but it’s still good for keeping your account going if you need activity or rounding up balances if you are close to an award. The concept of e-Rewards is relatively simple.  You register and the site gives you surveys …

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May 16

Mileage promos among the airlines (including one for FREE United miles)

Every so often, I like to run through the various promos that the airlines are offering to see what looks worth noting.  Promotions change every day, so I’ve always got my eyes open. Out of Office Notice: I’m out of town this weekend, so the site may not get its usual weekend updates.  Check in anyway, …

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May 15

JetBlue “all you can jet” contest, plus 100 free TrueBlue points

Back in the day, JetBlue used to offer an “all you can jet” program. For one fixed fee, you got to fly all you wanted for a couple of months in the fall. It filled empty seats during a slow period for JetBlue and gave customers an incredible bargain. As planes began filling up with …

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Apr 30

JetBlue: Earn rewards faster by pooling your family’s miles

JetBlue does a lot of things differently than other airlines.  Free snacks, free first bag, more legroom and friendly employees.  The airline has its faults, but they’re still one of the nicest to fly. Its frequent flyer program has one unique advantage over others, as well: As far as I know, it is the only …

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