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May 15

JetBlue “all you can jet” contest, plus 100 free TrueBlue points

Back in the day, JetBlue used to offer an “all you can jet” program. For one fixed fee, you got to fly all you wanted for a couple of months in the fall. It filled empty seats during a slow period for JetBlue and gave customers an incredible bargain. As planes began filling up with …

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Apr 30

JetBlue: Earn rewards faster by pooling your family’s miles

JetBlue does a lot of things differently than other airlines.  Free snacks, free first bag, more legroom and friendly employees.  The airline has its faults, but they’re still one of the nicest to fly. Its frequent flyer program has one unique advantage over others, as well: As far as I know, it is the only …

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Mar 18

Elite Status Challenge on JetBlue

Elite Status on an airline is a pretty powerful loyalty program.  The benefits from status often save you annoying fees and bump you to the front of the line for boarding, security, etc.  It’s normally earned by flying a large number of miles, spending a large number of dollars, or both, on a single airline/partnership in …

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Mar 18

American and JetBlue get divorced

But it was a nice marriage while it lasted. American Airlines recently announced that it was eliminating its partnership with JetBlue Airways.  It was really a partnership of convenience for American and a seat-filler for JetBlue, so the latter will be the loser in this deal. Prior to the announcement, AA had an agreement with …

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Mar 04

Jet Blue offers double points on vacation packages

Personally, I don’t do a lot of packages through airlines, since I like to book my hotel and airfare separately (Frequently, hotels won’t give you points if you don’t book through their website.), but Jet Blue is offering a good package deal.  Just act fast.  Book a package here by 3/9 and you’ll get 12 TrueBlue …

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Feb 18

Jet Blue: 25% off points redemptions, with lots and lots of conditions

Airlines frequently offer bonus miles for certain actions, but they rarely offer discounts when redeeming points.  Jet Blue has come through, in that respect. But the offer comes with conditions.  You have to book by tomorrow.  For travel 3/4-4/19 (sorry, spring breakers).  You can only fly Mon-Thur or Sunday.  Sorry weekenders.  Fares will not be …

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Jan 24

Jet Blue: What are badges?

As a way to make the loyalty program “fun and competitive,” Jet Blue offers its TrueBlue frequent flyer members an additional “award” known as badges.  Primarily just fun to look at and keep track of your trips, certain badges also offer you free points.  Connect your Twitter account, for instance, and get 250 points.  Connect …

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Jan 21

Jet Blue adds promotions

There’s nothing like the smell of desperation in the air, and the odor is coming from Jet Blue, which is becoming increasingly marginalized as the major carriers merge.  Fortunately, Jet Blue has been kind enough to throw a few bonuses our way. The first one is double elite status points through March 3.  You need …

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Dec 26

JetBlue: Frequent Flyer miles based on dollars spent

When frequent flyer miles were first created, nobody imagined how popular they would become.  Sure, they’d be an interesting program for travelers, but that’s all they’d be. Oops, got that wrong.  Frequent flyer miles are everywhere, which is a major bonus for the airlines, given the profitability of selling them.  But there’s a problem: There …

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