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Dec 24

Hotels: Bonus points from Intercontinental, free Wi-Fi from Hyatt

Intercontinental announced that it is offering double miles to customers who earn airline miles instead of points, through April 30.  ICH is never overly generous with these promos, though, and this one is no exception, with bonus points limited to 10,000.  Of course, since you only get 1-2 miles per dollar spent (in almost all …

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Dec 18

Starwood announces free internet for guests: Let the war begin!

Technically, Intercontinental was the first of the Big 4 hotels to offer internet to everyone (as long as you are a member of the rewards program), but Starwood made the biggest splash when it announced free internet for guests who book at, the hotel’s website (or on the app).  Previously, gold members could choose …

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Dec 16

Intercontinental: One big promotion (good) and one big purchase (bad)

I’ll hit the good stuff first.  Intercontinental just launched its “set your sights” promotion, which is almost exactly the same as the Into the Nights promotion earlier this year.  In fact, the promotion is so similar that they have the same glitch on their website that makes it difficult to sign up.  Keep trying, you’ll …

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Nov 13

Airline Miles and Hotel Points Expiration Policies

One of the most frustrating facets of frequent flyer/hotel programs is that, if you have no activity in your account for a certain period of time, your points can expire.  “Activity” might be anything from a stay/flight to a simple redemption.  From the merchant’s point of view, expiration makes sense.  They have set up accounts …

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Sep 04

Intercontinental Hotels “Into the Night” Promo; great for infrequent guests

Of all the major hotel programs, Intercontinental Hotels’s (IHG), which includes Intercontinental, Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza, among others, is my least favorite.  It’s not particularly hard to earn points, with the earn rate at 5-10 points per dollar spent, depending on the hotel.  But redemptions are expensive, the quality of hotels is not great …

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Aug 07

Are these really the best programs?

Every year, publications such as US News & World Report put out articles about what they believe are the best travel programs.  These articles may sell a lot of magazines, but as far as you are concerned, they could be useless.  The problem, of course, is that the authors of the articles choose criteria that …

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Jun 17

What’s in my wallet? A credit card that comes with free upscale hotel nights

And you thought only airlines offered great credit cards?  Here’s one that will get you major brownie points (as well as hotel points) for date night. The InterContinental Hotels Group (ICH) may not sound familiar, but many of its brands are.  In addition to the upscale InterContinental hotels, the group includes brands such as Holiday …

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