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Sep 15

WestJet adds bag fees, changes rewards; Is this what JetBlue will look like?

Today, we got a sneak preview at what might happen when (not if) JetBlue adds its first bag fee, thanks to our friends at WestJet.  WestJet is a Canadian low-cost carrier with an intent focus on customer service (just like JetBlue).  Although you may never have heard of it before it has about a 40% …

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Sep 09

JetBlue getting ready to raise fees…

In the strongest signal yet that new fees are coming at JetBlue, management clarified and expanded on some of its remarks about “fare families.” Treasurer Jim Leddy, at an industry conference last week, made several statements that confirm that JetBlue passengers will be paying more ancillary fees, as the airline looks to improve its financial …

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Aug 22

Bag fees going up. Again.

Traveling domestically or to Canada with a third bag? Congratulations, your trip just got $25 more expensive, as Delta raised its third bag fee to $150 and American quickly matched. Somebody at United must be sleeping late, but they’ll hop on board shortly. Seriously, isn’t it just cheaper to buy all new clothes at your …

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