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Aug 31

Unfortunately, airlines want to make a profit, too

One thing I’ll say about consumer advocate Chris Elliott: He’s persistent. This morning, he posted an article on chastising the airlines for “piling on the perks” for their best customers at the expense of their customers in economy class. He’s quite right about one thing: first class, particularly in international products, is getting better, …

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Aug 23

The two best airline elite perks (that don’t involve upgrades)

I write a fair amount about elite status, the extra perks that airlines give you for flying a certain amount of miles (and/or spending a certain amount of money) each year. To me, the best perks are related to the ability to upgrade, whether its free domestic upgrades or certificates for international upgrades. Because that’s …

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Jul 29

Airline sales and internet haters…

It’s that time of the year, when airlines start to put out fare sales for the fall promotions, filling seats that might otherwise go unsold. This week was the discount carriers, including JetBlue, Virgin America and Southwest, with the network carriers likely to follow in the next few weeks. It’s always nice to think that you’re …

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Jun 30

JetBlue bag fees start tomorrow; another one bites the dust

We’re down to one domestic airline with free bags, as JetBlue will start charging for checked bags tomorrow, leaving Southwest as the lone freebie. Mosaic (elite) members will still get two free bags, as will anyone on their itinerary. JetBlue is moving to a fare system called “bundling.” It operates like cable, where you choose …

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Jun 25

Foreign transaction fees on credit cards…

I received a question the other day about foreign transaction fees on credit cards, which I also refer to as “because they can” fees. These fees are just what they sound like: if you make a purchase abroad (or purchase from a merchant located abroad), they will charge you an extra 1-3% for the privilege. …

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Jun 19

Amex loses a case; what impact will it have

According to the Wall Street Journal, a judge in February ruled against American Express in a case that will allow merchants to offer a discount for using a card other than Amex. The article is behind a paywall, but I’ll give a few basics and why it matters. Until recently, merchants generally couldn’t offer a …

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Jun 14

Huge Citicard airline credit (particularly on American)

Usual disclosure applies: I may receive compensation from a credit card company mentioned. Thank you in advance! The Citibank Prestige card is my favorite card that I have, even though I rarely use it. Last year, in an attempt to win high-end customers (They got me instead.), Citibank massively overreached, and the range of benefits, …

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May 15

You are your own best advocate for rewards programs

On any given day, a quick Google search will find you an article about “the best frequent flyer programs,” “easiest ways to use your frequent flyer miles” or “how to beat the airlines at their own game (Number four will shock you!).”  Truthfully, I ignore most of them, since I don’t know the source, are …

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Jan 29

Big Spender, Part II: One good and one horrid credit card

The usual rules apply: I may receive a commission if you are approved for a card through my link.  Thank you in advance! Here’s part 2 of the best cards for big spenders and heavy travelers.  One of the cards, I really like and will be applying for it in the spring.  The other is …

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Jan 27

Hey big spender, what’s in your wallet? Part I, American Express Platinum

I’ve recently gotten two questions regarding credit cards and decided to make them into one topic.  The questions were about the best card for big spenders/heavy travelers and the second was about credit cards that offer lounge access.  Note that none of these cards come without a hefty fee and, unless you are a frequent …

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