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Nov 30

It’s Curtains for Delta’s Comfort Plus

Several months ago, Delta Airlines announced the launch of Comfort Plus, a section of the plane between coach and first. C+ will offer goodies such as increased leg room, priority boarding, better snacks and improved service. Ya know, like flying used to be. And I missed the best part of it. In October, they announced …

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Nov 28

Hotels: A Bonus, a Contest and a Fee

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend so far. Here’s a few items on my “catch-up” list: 2,500 Starwood (SPG) Points As hotels look to save on labor costs, one way to do so is at the front desk, similar to the self-checkout kiosks at drugstores or supermarkets. Starwood is offering a one-time bonus of …

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Nov 17

A Hotel Merger; A $500+ Credit Card Sign-up Bonus; Booking Delta Comfort+

I’ll be traveling for the next few days. The time between posts may be longer than usual. There’s one benefit to airport lounges that is vastly underrated: Listening to all the business people holding “confidential” meetings, negotiations, etc. over their cell phones at the top of their voices. It never gets old. Marriott to Acquire …

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Nov 05

United Joining AA in Considering No-Frills Fares

At an industry conference yesterday, United Network Manager Doug Leo stated that the company is looking at introducing no-frills fares, similar to the ones that Delta offers and that American announced in its third quarter conference call. In particular, Mr. Leo referred to “segmented” fares which, similar to ultra-low-cost carriers, come with a seat only. If …

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Nov 02

Should I Pay an Annual Fee for a Credit Card?

Reader question: I’ve got a couple of cards with annual fees (AF), but I get similar benefits on no annual fees (NAF)? Thanks for the question! The answer is probably not. I find annual fees to be an anachronism, started in a period when having a credit card wasn’t as common and was more like …

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Oct 30

What Will Loyalty Programs Look Like in Five Years

I spend a lot of time talking about what loyalty programs are up to now, but there’s a long-term question that’s worth asking: five years from now, will any of it matter? Hey, when the frequent flyer program (as we know it today) was invented, a free ticket was 20,000 miles and didn’t have any …

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Oct 23

American Airlines: Two Things I Learned Today

Once every calendar quarter, publicly traded companies host conference calls to update their investors on the state of affairs. AA’s was today, and here are a couple of interesting notes from the call: Airline Seats aren’t all the Same The network carriers, like American, are getting beaten up by the ultra-low-cost-carriers (ULCC), like Spirit or …

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Oct 17

Tips I Used Today when Booking an Award

Free flights and free hotel nights are always great to earn, but it’s even better when you can “work the system” to maximize your benefits. I hope that I’ve been able to give you at least a few useful tips over the years to make your travel a bit easier and cheaper. Today, I booked …

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Sep 16

Why the airlines charge a fee to switch to an earlier flight

One of the most frustrating airline fees is the charge to switch to an earlier flight at the airport. It’s 2:30, and you’re there early for your 4 pm flight. You move quickly through security and notice that the 3 pm flight to your destination hasn’t left yet. Great! You’re not checking luggage, so you …

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Sep 09

Comparing the American Express Platinum and Citi Prestige cards

I recently got a recent question about credit cards with high-end travel benefits, specifically the Amex Platinum card versus the Citibank Prestige card. Obviously, there is no “one best” card for everyone. For instance, assuming you were agnostic about which airline you fly, you might value the more varied airport lounge access that the Amex …

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