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Jul 21

WOW! Get Paid To Fly?


And an amusing story for the end of the week. Ultra-low cost carrier WOW Air* seems to be in the mood to make some noise. According to CEO Skuli Mogensen, the carrier is considering pushing its way to profitability by offering passengers payment to fly them, giving a new option to passengers who have ever said, …

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Oct 26

Will Southwest Airlines Implement New Bag Fees?


My primary goal with this blog is to provide assistance to those who are novices in the frequent flyer game (or just like a good read). Thus, the “101” moniker. Every so often, though, I find a topic that’s interesting enough that it’s worth taking it up a notch. Today provides one such opportunity. Has …

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Jul 15

Shocker: The Airlines Lose A Round in Washington

I had a few other topics I wanted to talk about today, but they are going to have to wait a day so that I can discuss the new FAA reauthorization bill. And, before your eyes roll, I’ll tell you that there are a few pieces in it that might interest you. The most important …

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Jun 21

The New Costco Anywhere Visa Card

It’s finally available. With Costco having dumped American Express as a partner and moved on to Citibank, the Costco credit card is changing and, for the most part, it’s changing for the better. The Rewards The Costco Anywhere card comes with a nice mix of rewards. It starts off with 4% back on gas purchases. …

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Apr 16

Out of Office Notice (And A Bit on Delta)

I’ll be traveling for the next week, so postings will be infrequent, but I always like to leave things on a happy note: Going forward, Delta is eliminating its telephone booking fees. That’s right, once again, you can have the privilege of speaking to an employee without paying for it. Truthfully, it’s probably because the …

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Apr 01

Spirit Airlines Adding Yet Another Fee…And Wait until You See What It Is

It’s finally happened: This morning, Spirit Airlines announced its Lavatory Usage Charge, or LUC. Per their press release, the airline will begin charging passengers $2 to use the lav for 90 seconds, or $3 for unlimited usage. A $5 unlimited VIP pass, allowing you to jump to the front of the line, is also in …

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Mar 10

Basic Economy Will Become An Industry Norm

Enter Basic Economy Airline trends come and airline trend goes, but there is one phenomenon that will be growing, not shrinking, over the next several years: the move to “Basic Economy.” Basic Economy (BE) is a Delta fare class that was established to compete with the ultra-low cost carriers (ULCC) like Spirit and Frontier, which …

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Dec 07

An Emirates/JetBlue Bonus and a Reader Question

For those with the big bucks, JetBlue announced a promotion in conjunction with Emirates. Register here and use the promo code on the page and you’ll get a discount on your Emirates flight, based on the class of service that you buy. And because you can earn TrueBlue points on Emirates, you’ll get either double …

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Nov 30

It’s Curtains for Delta’s Comfort Plus

Several months ago, Delta Airlines announced the launch of Comfort Plus, a section of the plane between coach and first. C+ will offer goodies such as increased leg room, priority boarding, better snacks and improved service. Ya know, like flying used to be. And I missed the best part of it. In October, they announced …

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Nov 28

Hotels: A Bonus, a Contest and a Fee

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend so far. Here’s a few items on my “catch-up” list: 2,500 Starwood (SPG) Points As hotels look to save on labor costs, one way to do so is at the front desk, similar to the self-checkout kiosks at drugstores or supermarkets. Starwood is offering a one-time bonus of …

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