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Apr 11

Upcoming Devaluations

Alaska Air Alaska Air recently made a change to its mileage program that will affect only a few of you but, for those who are impacted, it’s gonna hurt. The airline, whose Mileage Plan program is one of my favorites due to its versatility, but that versatility is now going to come with an increased …

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Jan 16

Reader Question: Transferring Points between Airlines

Reader Question: Can I apply for the British Airways credit card, transfer the points to Alaska and use those points  to fly Emirates? Thanks for the question. The short answer is no, since it is very difficult to transfer points directly between airlines. But there are other options out there. There are a number of …

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Dec 07

An Emirates/JetBlue Bonus and a Reader Question

For those with the big bucks, JetBlue announced a promotion in conjunction with Emirates. Register here and use the promo code on the page and you’ll get a discount on your Emirates flight, based on the class of service that you buy. And because you can earn TrueBlue points on Emirates, you’ll get either double …

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Nov 13

Emirates Reconfigures the A380 for You (and 614 of your closest friends)

Every once in a while, I run across something that I can’t believe I missed. In this case, I missed it several times. Nonetheless, here it is… The A380 is the biggest passenger plane in the world. Before the recent reconfiguration, Emirates could squeeze over 500 passengers onto its planes, with three classes of service. …

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Sep 20

Quick hit on Virgin America status

For those of you with a ton of Amex Membership Rewards points and no ideas where to put them, here’s an idea: Between now and October 8, American Express is offering a 25% bonus on transfers to Virgin America and, if you transfer 80,000 points by December 31, you’ll earn Gold elite status on Virgin …

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Jun 16

Stranded passengers, silly Spirit miles

Board a plane, get drafted… United passengers found themselves in the Canadian army, or at least army barracks, when their flight took a mechanical delay in Goose Bay, Canada. With the seven hotels in the area fully booked, the only place for the passengers to stay was at the local barracks, where they were apparently entitled …

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May 06

Emirates to upgrade its first class, again. Get ready for your rail car

This is why I collect miles: It was a year ago today that I wrote about the ultimate in First Class cabins, offered by Etihad Airways.  Clearly not one to be outdone by a local competitor, Emirates also announced a first class refresher, at a “commercially viable” price for the eight hour flight from London …

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Apr 06

Alaska Airlines: The little program that could (benefit you if you’re an infrequent traveler)

As a New Englander, I don’t get to spend too much time on airlines that focus on western states such as Frontier, WestJet and, to some extent, Southwest.  But one that I really miss is Alaska Airlines (Don’t call them “Alaskan Airlines,” by the way.).  I’ve always had a soft spot for them since flying …

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