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Apr 02

US Airways moves to oneworld alliance: Let the status matches begin!

Congratulations, US Airways, you’ve taken another step toward the merger’s culmination by switching alliances, in particular, moving from Star to oneworld.  Now, US Airways members will have a completely different list of carriers on which they can use their miles. One of the big benefits of alliance changes is that previous alliance members start offering status …

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Mar 18

Elite Status Challenge on JetBlue

Elite Status on an airline is a pretty powerful loyalty program.  The benefits from status often save you annoying fees and bump you to the front of the line for boarding, security, etc.  It’s normally earned by flying a large number of miles, spending a large number of dollars, or both, on a single airline/partnership in …

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Feb 26

Delta makes enormous change to frequent flyer program; Others likely to follow

For many moons, I’ve been advocating the notion that airlines will eventually turn to revenue-based mileage accrual instead of distance.  In other words, you will start to earn miles based on how many dollars you spend, not how far you fly.  The program goes into effect on 1/1/15 and elite status qualification will be unaffected. …

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Jan 14

Orbitz: My top choice for online travel sites

One of the mistakes that I make is assuming that readers always read through these posts in chronological order.  Most just start from the top and go backwards.  Thus, I’d suggest reading the Expedia post below before reading this one. Bottom line: Orbitz is by far the better program.  It’s not even close.  Here are …

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Jan 06

Elite Status: New year, more miles needed

Earlier, I discussed the difference between redeemable miles and miles toward elite status.  Redeemable miles are those you use to get free flights.  Elite status miles are based on the number of miles you fly each year and reset at the beginning of each year.  They are a “phantom” points system that help you earn …

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Nov 27

What is a “mileage run?”

It’s usually around this time of year that newspapers will write articles about the crazy things that mileage addicts do to bump up their accounts at the end of the year.  Often, it’s in regards to people who are only a few miles (or thousand miles) away from the next tier of elite status and want …

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Oct 29

Elite Status: Extra freebies for frequent travelers

For those travelers who fly more than 25,000 miles per year on a particular airline (or airline alliance), you may be eligible for Elite Status on that airline.  Think of it as a bonus on top of the miles that you are already earning.  The airline keeps track of not only the miles that you …

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