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Aug 28

Quick Points on Southwest Airlines

rapid rewards

While much of my typing is dedicated to the big network carriers, there’s a strong case to be made for building up points on the discount carriers, such as Southwest and JetBlue. At one time, these programs were considered inferior but, as they get better and the legacy airlines’ programs become more about dollars spent …

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Jun 16

Easy And Less Easy Way To Pick up 50,000 United Miles

united airlines

I got a pair of emails from United today with alternatives to pick up 50,000 miles. Lots of Clicking… In the past, I’ve discussed e-Miles, a points for clicks program. The concept is simple: They’ll send you links to click. You click through them. They give you points. Most links are worth five points, some …

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Oct 20

Six Ways to Earn Points without Applying for a Credit Card

Reader Question: How can I earn miles if I don’t want to/can’t get a credit card? While opening a credit card may be the single fastest way to accumulate a lot of points quickly, not everybody is able to do so. Thus, I wanted to provide a list of ways to earn points without having …

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Oct 16

An Easy 500 Points with Hilton and the Last US Airways Flight Ever

500 Hilton Honors from e-Miles I’ve mentioned e-Miles in the past as an easy way to earn a few extra points from programs. Click on a few links, accumulate points and move on. It’s never a lot, but it will eventually add up. Today, I received an offer for 500 Hilton Honors points just for …

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May 19

Earning points and miles for taking surveys

The most common question I get is “How can I easily earn XXX,000 miles by next week so that I can book a first class trip to YYY?  Fortunately, that’s also the easiest question to answer: Sadly, you can’t.  While there are numerous alternatives to flying as a way to earn miles, I have yet …

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Apr 11

An easy 1,000 Hilton Honors points for free

Offers vary in both complexity and generosity. The best offers, of course, are the lucrative and easy ones. But “not so lucrative” and easy also have something to be said for them. Namely, that they’re easy. Hilton has been kind enough to partner with e-Miles and offer 1,000 free Hilton Honors points. e-Miles is an …

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Mar 17

American Airlines and US Airways prepare to merge mileage programs

It’s almost that time.  Sometime next calendar quarter, AA and US Airways will be combining their programs as the airlines face the integration, which is largely a 2015 event.  I tend to believe that the integration will go well; unlike with the United-Continental merger, where everything that could go wrong did so, US Airways (who …

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Feb 04

400 free United miles, and Citibank points with a catch

e-Miles, one of my favorite mileage partners, is offering 400 free United miles just to sign up and click on five links.  Here’s how it works: They have a list of links for you to click, and each time you click one and press the “confirm” button on the second page, you get five or …

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May 30

Earning miles with short surveys: e-Rewards

Some mileage opportunities are big ones.  Some are smaller.  This one falls into the latter category, but it’s still good for keeping your account going if you need activity or rounding up balances if you are close to an award. The concept of e-Rewards is relatively simple.  You register and the site gives you surveys …

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Nov 01

An easy way to earn miles:

One of my favorite types of posts is ways to earn miles without actually flying.  As we saw in the “Shopping online” section, it can be easy to earn miles on the ground.  Rarely do you hit the miles jackpot with these options (It’s usually 500 miles here, 1000 there, etc..), but they add up. …

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