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Mar 21

Delta changes may shift buying patterns

A few weeks ago, I discussed the changes that Delta is making to its frequent flyer program, which will emphasize dollars spent over distance.  I hypothesized that travelers, particularly those who have someone else paying for their ticket, would look to spend more money. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal had an article on just that subject.  If …

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Mar 04

Two thoughts on magazines

Not always a hot topic in the world, but magazines are a big topic for airline miles. 1) Earning miles: Somebody always has a promo going for magazines.  It’s a purchase you should never make without getting something back for it.  In this case, Delta is offering 15 miles/dollar at their online store.  But the …

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Feb 28

Why are Delta’s changes important?

In a previous post I noted the big changes that Delta made to its program, with the main change being that miles will now be given based on frequent flyer elite status and dollars paid, instead of based on distance.  The question, why does it matter, has some interesting answers. First, I do not believe that …

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Feb 26

Delta makes enormous change to frequent flyer program; Others likely to follow

For many moons, I’ve been advocating the notion that airlines will eventually turn to revenue-based mileage accrual instead of distance.  In other words, you will start to earn miles based on how many dollars you spend, not how far you fly.  The program goes into effect on 1/1/15 and elite status qualification will be unaffected. …

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Feb 04

FTD and Delta: Up to 35 miles per dollar spent

So I’m starting with the Valentine’s day posts, given the mileage earnings opportunities out there.  For Delta, you can earn as much as 35 miles per dollar spent, with an additional 500 just for placing the order.  The standard pricing is 20 miles per dollar spent, but there is a special elite code that gets you …

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Jan 06

Elite Status: New year, more miles needed

Earlier, I discussed the difference between redeemable miles and miles toward elite status.  Redeemable miles are those you use to get free flights.  Elite status miles are based on the number of miles you fly each year and reset at the beginning of each year.  They are a “phantom” points system that help you earn …

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Jan 04

Delta thinks you’re fat…

Okay, it’s not quite that bad, but Delta is offering 24 miles per dollar spent at Nutrisystem.  Check out their website for the deal, which is double what they normally offer.  The deal is good through 1/9/14. Want to subscribe? Just enter your email in the box above (and to the right) and click on …

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Dec 03

Turf wars: Bonus miles when an airline invades another’s territory…

Background info.  You can skip down a few paragraphs if all you want to know about is the mileage opportunity: As you may know, most major airlines operate on the “hub and spoke” system.  In other words, if you want to fly to A to B, just about any major airline will be able to get …

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Nov 22

A list of SkyTeam alliance members

If you are reading these posts in chronological order, this is the last of our alliance lists.  SkyTeam is the third major alliance and the North American partners are Delta and AeroMexico. Aeroflot Aerolíneas Argentinas Aeromexico Air Europa Air France Alitalia China Airlines China Eastern China Southern Czech Airlines Delta Air Lines Kenya Airways KLM …

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Nov 18

Earn 30 miles per dollar spent at, (Delta, United)

It’s the time of the year when the airlines and their retail partners start to cook up bonuses for shopping through their portals.  One of the best offers is always for flowers, usually through an on-line retailer.  Currently, Delta is offering 30 miles per dollar spent, which is about as good as I see for …

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