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Oct 22

United Partners up and Citi Changes its Stripes

United Airlines Plays the Field Well, this is a bit awkward. United has two current promotions running, one with Hilton and one with Marriott. My question is, which credit card should I use when paying? For those of you who like a bit of luxury, United has teamed up with Hilton to offer bonus miles …

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Oct 17

Tips I Used Today when Booking an Award

Free flights and free hotel nights are always great to earn, but it’s even better when you can “work the system” to maximize your benefits. I hope that I’ve been able to give you at least a few useful tips over the years to make your travel a bit easier and cheaper. Today, I booked …

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Oct 10

Bonuses and Goodies around the Travel Industry

I’m on the road today, but there were too many little things going on not to post a few of them. Virgin Doubles Up on Points No tricks, just treats from Virgin America, as it offers a double points promotion through November 19. Register here and your flights will be twice as nice. But Virgin …

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Sep 28

The best everyday credit card: Citi Double Cash

Okay, that’s kind of an unfair title. There’s no such thing as a single credit card that is best for everyone. But, if you aren’t playing the game where you try to max out every category, it might just be easier to take a very good return on every purchase. The easiest way to do …

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Sep 09

Comparing the American Express Platinum and Citi Prestige cards

I recently got a recent question about credit cards with high-end travel benefits, specifically the Amex Platinum card versus the Citibank Prestige card. Obviously, there is no “one best” card for everyone. For instance, assuming you were agnostic about which airline you fly, you might value the more varied airport lounge access that the Amex …

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Sep 01

Credit card deals to start the month

It’s that time of year, when Pats fans start worrying about Tom Brady; we stop complaining about the humidity and start to worry about the snow; and my kids, who thought it would be fun to wake up at 6 am every day all summer, have suddenly decided that they won’t be getting up before …

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Aug 21

The Hilton 4Q promotion is actually quite good (Oh, yeah, there’s a Marriott offer, too.)

Hilton just announced its promotion for the fourth quarter, and it’s actually a good one. From September 1-December 31, you will earn double points for stays for Monday-Thursday nights, and triple points on Fri-Sun nights. Only base points (10 per dollar spent) are doubled and you need to register here, but that’s about the extent …

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Aug 13

Starwood and Marriott bonus opportunities

Starwood Every so often, Starwood ups the sign-up bonus on its credit card from 25,000 to 30,000 miles. Now is one of those times, 30,000 points may not seem like a lot compared to Hilton or Marriott, but the redemption levels are a lot lower, also, with award nights ranging from 2,000 to 35,000 points, …

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Aug 04

The best cash back credit card sign-up bonuses

A while ago, I did a post on the best airline card bonuses and the best hotel card bonuses. At the time, I meant to do one on cash-back cards but, well, life happens. Reminds me of an old saying, something about good intentions and paving a road. In any case, I have finally gotten around to …

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Jul 29

Airline sales and internet haters…

It’s that time of the year, when airlines start to put out fare sales for the fall promotions, filling seats that might otherwise go unsold. This week was the discount carriers, including JetBlue, Virgin America and Southwest, with the network carriers likely to follow in the next few weeks. It’s always nice to think that you’re …

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