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Sep 20

Bonus Miles And A Discount with Avis And Budget

A quick hit: Miles for Driving Miles Avis and Budget are offering some big (It’s all relative.) mileage earning opportunities for renting a car. From now until October 15, rent a car for three or more days and not only will you get a discount (up to 30% or 35%, depending on who you rent …

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May 02

The Ups And Downs Of Online Travel Agents

I frequently get asked questions about Online Travel Agents (OTAs). These are travel agents such as Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, etc. that operate exclusively on the internet. As such, they have become popular options for customers looking to get all of their choices on one page without searching a bunch of sites. In fact, consolidator sites …

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Nov 09

Quick Thoughts on Rental Cars and a Credit Card Bonus

Rental Cars I write a lot about hotels and airlines but very little about rental cars, since so few of us really think there’s much of a difference. The more I rent, the more I determine that there is. There’s nothing worse than waiting in line for 45 minutes only to get to the front …

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Feb 08

Hertz & United plus a robot hotel

I would say that we’re preparing for yet another storm here in the snowy northeast, but is the word “another” really necessary?  It feels like it has been one long snow storm, broken up by periods of hail and ice. One of the most overlooked parts of any trip is the rental car.  They’re often …

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Nov 06

Marriott Rewards Deep Dive: Part 1 of 3

Given the increased interest in hotel programs and their complementary nature with hotel programs, I decided to do a deep-dive on Marriott, similar to the one I did on Delta starting here.  I will use the same structure, with Part I about earning points, Part II focusing on redeeming points and Part III discussing elite …

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Oct 21

United Airlines teams up with Hertz; Is travel going to a partnership structure?

Today, United Airlines announced a partnership with Hertz Car Rentals to provide extra benefits to United travelers who rent their car from Hertz.  This deal is on top of its partnership with Marriott, and tends to give the best offers to members who have United Airlines elite status, while still reserving some points for the …

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Oct 07

Catching up on some recent deals…

I just got home after going to a fantastic place called Wisconsin, so we’ll keep today brief as I recover from jet lag. Virgin America has the single best domestic first-class product, at least on two-class planes, and is willing to give you bonus points to prove it.  They also have an excellent premium economy …

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Apr 30

Cash back for Car Rentals and Online Travel Agents

Yesterday, I ran through how to earn cash back just for booking hotels and airfare.  Today, let’s finish the vacation and do car rentals and online travel agents. In the comments yesterday, I was asked about the reliability of one of the shopping sites.  While I have no reason to believe that any of the …

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