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Apr 07

American Is Selling Miles. Should You Be Buying?

american aadvantage

Years ago, when I first started writing this blog, I was virtually 100% opposed to buying miles directly from the airlines.* Over time, I have not exactly become a fan of it, but have softened my stance somewhat. They’re a good way to round up your balance if you are close to an award, and …

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Mar 31

Hilton Tells Us Just How Little Their Points Are Worth

hilton honors

As I mentioned yesterday, loyalty programs love to sell points. Usually, they sell the points to merchants, who pass them on to you as rewards for purchases, but occasionally, they’ll sell to you directly. But there’s a problem, of course. Not for the company. For you, the consumer. Bottom Line: If they’re selling, you don’t …

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Dec 05

Buying elite status on AA & Delta

Found myself with a little free time, so I thought it might be fun to check in on the mileage world. Every year, at least one of the airlines allows you to pay for elite qualifying miles if you missed out on qualifying or requalifying for your elite level.  It’s easier than a mileage run, …

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Dec 02

JetBlue offers a fare sale while American tries to rip you off (again)

JetBlue announced its newest flash sale today, with fares good January 6-February 11, excluding Fridays and Sundays.  The sale is good through tomorrow night.  JetBlue is clearly an airline with an identity crisis.  As it grows and increasingly overlaps with the legacy carriers, it is trying to appeal to business travelers (with products such as …

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Nov 06

Marriott Rewards Deep Dive: Part 1 of 3

Given the increased interest in hotel programs and their complementary nature with hotel programs, I decided to do a deep-dive on Marriott, similar to the one I did on Delta starting here.  I will use the same structure, with Part I about earning points, Part II focusing on redeeming points and Part III discussing elite …

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Sep 30

Redeeming miles on Delta

Redeeming Miles: Note: The actual mechanics of booking the flight and understanding an award chart can be found here. There are very few experiences that are more frustrating than booking a Delta award ticket.  Perhaps waiting on hold for customer service while listening to a cheery voice tell you how much the company values your …

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Sep 02

Gimmick or no gimmick, you still shouldn’t buy miles

Regular readers of my blog will know that I generally despise the “generous” offers that airlines make to let you buy miles directly from them.  And the only reason that I use “generally” is to cover the very, very few circumstances when buying miles is not a complete waste of your money, which is usually …

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Jul 16

A few tidbits from around the mileage world…

For those of you who have never flown Virgin America, it has a nice product, especially if you find yourself in the front of the plane.  Recently, the company launched an elite status match if you have status with United, American, Delta or Southwest.  Virgin has two levels to its own program, Gold and Silver, and …

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Jun 19

A few tidbits from mileage land…

There’s not a lot going on today, so here’s a few tidbits that might interest you but aren’t important enough to get their own post. Delta Medallion (elite) members get a little bonus when renting cars at Hertz, with a 1,000 miles bonus per rental (1,250 for Platinum and Diamond) and 300 points per day. …

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Mar 03

Buying miles still stinks (no matter how much fun it is)

US Airways has a unique proposition, where you get a random bonus based on, well, I’m not sure.  You can view your offer here, but even the best offer, 100% bonus, is still $.02 per mile.  You can often do better than that by buying flowers and you get the flowers. Just stay away. Want …

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