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Oct 23

Foreign transaction fees and how to avoid them

Good news!  I was reunited with my trusty laptop today.  Bad news: They ended up charging me shipping fees, even though they said they wouldn’t.  Another reason to keep an eye on your computer. I was asked the other day about foreign transaction fees on credit cards.  Personally, I consider them one of the most …

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Oct 16

Tips and tidbits for the weekend

I know, it’s only Thursday, but I’m out for much of the weekend and have a Pats game tonight, so I don’t know when I will be able to get to this.  I’m guessing that by game time, I’m going to be wishing that Gillette Stadium were a dome. Hilton is rolling out yet another …

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Oct 15

The best everyday cards: Forget the 1%, be part of the 2%

Today is a relatively quiet day in frequent flyer land (although I can’t wait to hear what Delta says on its quarterly conference call with analysts tomorrow), so I decided to introduce people to the 2% credit card. If you do not have a credit card that pays you in airline miles or hotel points, …

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Oct 07

Catching up on some recent deals…

I just got home after going to a fantastic place called Wisconsin, so we’ll keep today brief as I recover from jet lag. Virgin America has the single best domestic first-class product, at least on two-class planes, and is willing to give you bonus points to prove it.  They also have an excellent premium economy …

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Oct 03

Delta Part 3 of 3: Elite Status, starting 1/1/15

The final part on my Delta overview centers on Medallion elite status, the extra benefits you get by being a frequent flyer.  As a quick refresher, elite status is based on the number of miles and dollars you spent in the previous year and is a separate tracking system from the miles you redeem for free …

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Sep 30

Redeeming miles on Delta

Redeeming Miles: Note: The actual mechanics of booking the flight and understanding an award chart can be found here. There are very few experiences that are more frustrating than booking a Delta award ticket.  Perhaps waiting on hold for customer service while listening to a cheery voice tell you how much the company values your …

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Sep 28

Delta: What you need to know about earning miles

It quickly became apparent to me that trying to do one post with everything that you need to know about Delta is too much for one post, so I’m going to split it up a bit.  Since earning and redeeming miles are what most people are interested in, we’ll start there. With 2014 almost over, …

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Jul 30

A treatise on American Express’s Membership Rewards

I should state up front that I love Amex.  Their service is excellent and they offer a number of partnerships that produce excellent credit cards.  In addition, their sign-up bonuses tend to be very high. But there’s a dark side to American Express, which is their proprietary rewards program, Membership Rewards.  Note that I am …

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