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Mar 25

My favorite use of miles on American Airlines (domestic)

Here’s why small amounts of miles can add up.  My favorite use of miles is domestic upgrades.  A one-way upgrade from coach to first on a two-class plane costs only 15,000 miles and $75.  15,000 miles may seem like a lot, but considering that they will give you as many as 100,000 for signing up …

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Mar 24

American Airlines: 1,050 free miles (free and easy)

GIMME ALERT! American Airlines is giving you 1,050 miles for a few clicks.  You do need a Facebook account (Read here if you hate FB and don’t want to give up your personal info.) to play, but you simply answer a few trivia questions and earn your points.  It goes through May and can be found …

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Mar 18

American and JetBlue get divorced

But it was a nice marriage while it lasted. American Airlines recently announced that it was eliminating its partnership with JetBlue Airways.  It was really a partnership of convenience for American and a seat-filler for JetBlue, so the latter will be the loser in this deal. Prior to the announcement, AA had an agreement with …

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Feb 10

American Airlines and US Airways continue to integrate

American Airlines just announced that it would be adding “more room” seats on US Airways planes.  “More room” seats have more legroom than coach but less than first class.  They are a way to reward customers with elite status or allow others to pay a little more for a better experience. So why is this …

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Feb 05

Miles for Valentine’s Day love; bonus codes for extra miles

Note: When it comes to big holidays, the best offers for online shopping often aren’t on the carrier’s website.  Frequently, they offer bonuses that aren’t listed.  Here’s a few codes for February 14: American’s website is offering 15 miles per dollar at FTD and, as well as 1,000 miles per order at Telaflora.  But …

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Jan 29

American, US Airways: bonus miles for flying each other

Here’s a new one: As American and US Airways work through the merger, they’re trying extra hard to make the passengers see them as one airline.  Bonus miles always does that for me.   Click here to register for the American side of the promo, which gives you 50% extra AA miles when you fly on …

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Jan 07

American and US Airways start the merger benefits

With US Airways having officially bought American Airlines (although the new airline will keep the American Airlines name), the combo has started to merge their benefits, as anticipated.  With the American name remaining, most of the frequent flyer benefits will remain on the American side. In terms of earning and burning miles, flights on either …

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Dec 09

American and US Airways complete merger; No near-term changes

On a good day, airline mergers are confusing.  On a bad day, well, you don’t want to be within 20 miles of an airport.  Employees have to be trained on each others’ systems, customer service rules and, for our purposes, frequent flyer programs.  For our sake, there are a couple of important items to note. …

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Nov 22

A list of oneworld alliance members

Here is a list of the airlines in the oneworld alliance.  Note that certain affiliate carriers (airlines that provide service as partners of the larger carriers) are listed separately.  The major US airline in OW is American, although US Airways may join after their merger. airberlin American Airlines British Airways Cathay Pacific Finnair Iberia Japan …

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Nov 04

Shopping for miles: 17 American miles per dollar spent at Nieman Marcus

In the Shopping for Miles section, I discussed earning miles by shopping through an airline’s website.  You can get some good deals, but you rarely get more than three or four miles per dollar spent.  Often, the biggest rewards are for merchants you may never have heard of who are willing to offer great rebates just …

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