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Nov 11

Starwood: Small hotel program, big innovation

While it’s not the largest chain, only 1/2-1/3 the size of some of its global competitors, Starwood Hotels (Westin, Sheraton, W Hotels, among others) has proven itself to be among the most innovative over time.  It is my primary hotel chain (although my wife is a Hilton woman; always diversify your portfolio) and what it …

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Nov 03

The most valuable miles are from…Alaska Airlines?

I have to admit, I’ve always had a soft spot for Alaska Airlines.  My first flight ever on them was the “Milk Run,”  flight that starts in Seattle and stops at a few of the southeast cities in Alaska before finally getting to Anchorage.  The scenery was beautiful and I had a chance to meet …

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Sep 30

Redeeming miles on Delta

Redeeming Miles: Note: The actual mechanics of booking the flight and understanding an award chart can be found here. There are very few experiences that are more frustrating than booking a Delta award ticket.  Perhaps waiting on hold for customer service while listening to a cheery voice tell you how much the company values your …

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Sep 14

Airline tickets: Don’t “Set it and Forget it”

I’ll be out of town for the next several days, so posting will be only sporadic, but I didn’t even get on the plane before having my first adventure. I’m flying for business to Paris on Delta, with the return on Air France.  Until this afternoon, my biggest concern was that I was stuck in …

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Aug 29

Finding an Award Ticket: Part 2

So now what happens?  You’ve scoured the internet.  You’ve kept the agent on the phone for half an hour.  You’ve changed your dates and lather, rinsed and repeated. Before we go to the nuclear option, I’m going to suggest one service which offers a “free-mium” model, i.e., you can join and get basic services for …

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Aug 27

Finding an award ticket: Part I

When it comes to finding an award ticket, there are a number of ways to get results.  The quality (and quantity) of those results, however, will depend on a number of factors, including when you are going to travel, where you are going, the class of service, etc. I was recently tasked with finding two …

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Aug 05

Using British Airways Avios for big savings

So I returned from a weekend away to find that my beloved Red Sox have traded away pretty much the entire team and are in negotiations to send a batboy and the “Hey Hot Dogs” guy to Cleveland for an usher to be named later and that Chumley guy from Pawn Stars. But for those …

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Apr 02

US Airways: Up to 25,000 miles bonus to fly a bunch of airlines

With US Airways’s move into the oneworld alliance, they are playing nice with their partners by announcing a deal: Fly with a certain number of partners and get miles.  The more partners you fly with, the more miles you get.  You can register here (and you must register to be eligible) and have until June 30 …

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Apr 02

US Airways moves to oneworld alliance: Let the status matches begin!

Congratulations, US Airways, you’ve taken another step toward the merger’s culmination by switching alliances, in particular, moving from Star to oneworld.  Now, US Airways members will have a completely different list of carriers on which they can use their miles. One of the big benefits of alliance changes is that previous alliance members start offering status …

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Jan 07

American and US Airways start the merger benefits

With US Airways having officially bought American Airlines (although the new airline will keep the American Airlines name), the combo has started to merge their benefits, as anticipated.  With the American name remaining, most of the frequent flyer benefits will remain on the American side. In terms of earning and burning miles, flights on either …

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