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Mar 07

American Express Platinum Card Raises Fees, Benefits: Is It Worth It?

The American Express Platinum Card has long been the gold standard (or Platinum standard, as the case may be) for high-end credit cards.  Over the past few years, however, the Chase Sapphire Reserve and Citi Prestige cards have surpassed the Amex Platinum, offering significantly better benefits at a cheaper price. Recently, though, Amex began to …

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Nov 07

Citi AAdvantage Credit Card Back to 50,000 Mile Sign-Up Bonus

credit card

Citibank and American Airlines are pushing the Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite MasterCard, ahead of the inclusion of Barclays as one of the airline’s partners. The card has one big benefit and one big drawback. Here’s a look at both. Two Sides to Every Schwartz There’s one thing you can count on with credit cards: …

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Aug 16

Airspace Lounges: They’re real, and they’re spectacular (well, pretty good)

A few days ago, I did a review of the Delta JFK Sky Club, a 24,000 square foot upscale airport lounge. I got in because of a credit card, the American Express Platinum card, which gives access to not only their own Centurion lounges but also Delta’s Sky Clubs and Priority Pass lounges, a network …

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Aug 14

Delta’s JFK Sky Club: Worth the price of admission

I have to admit, when Delta puts its mind to it, it can generate a nice product. JFK itself is not the world’s finest airport, but the relatively new Terminal 4 and flagship Sky Club by gate B32 are far superior to anything else you will find at the airport. It almost makes flying out …

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Aug 06

About airline polls…

One thing that US News & World Reports is good at is building polls. For example, every year, the “Best Colleges” poll causes angst among the 16-year olds as they struggle over whether they should apply to #1 Penn or #235 Columbia University, or perhaps some school in between. And just what will their friends think …

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Jul 06

A few random notes on a day of travel…

I spent yesterday traveling from Boston to Las Vegas. It wasn’t supposed to be the whole day, but it turned out that way. To my benefit. Here’s a few random notes from the day. Hopefully, you’ll find something to help you. There’s a new Delta Sky Club in Boston. The Sky Club is the Delta …

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Apr 09

A couple of high-end credit card deals worth your time (but one comes with a catch)

I have to admit, part of the fun of this gig is the “something for nothing” aspect, whether it is miles, cash back or the occasional “free after ExtraBucks” shampoo at CVS (Okay, the first two are generally more exciting, especially because the hotels provide plenty of shampoo.).  And while it’s rare to get rewards …

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Feb 12

New Hyatt Diamond benefits; This program is worth a look

In an age where airlines are pulling back elite benefits, it’s nice to see that the hotels are going the other way, such as Hilton’s announcement of lifetime Diamond status yesterday. Hyatt is probably the single best program out there now and, if I were starting from scratch, I would probably go with them.  As of …

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Feb 03

American announces product upgrades on planes and in the lounge

A few months ago, American Airlines made a big splash when it announced that it would be spending $2b on product enhancements, with upgraded fleets and other goodies.  Although the release was timed to make it sound as if the airline was doing it to “give back” part of the net income from the drop in …

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Jan 27

Hey big spender, what’s in your wallet? Part I, American Express Platinum

I’ve recently gotten two questions regarding credit cards and decided to make them into one topic.  The questions were about the best card for big spenders/heavy travelers and the second was about credit cards that offer lounge access.  Note that none of these cards come without a hefty fee and, unless you are a frequent …

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