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Mar 15

American Brings Back Main Cabin Meals on Some Flights

airline food

Remember the old joke about airline food, how it tastes awful and there’s never enough of it? Well, we’ve taken another step toward those days again, as American Airlines announced yesterday that it is joining Delta in bringing back meals in Economy on some flights. Eating Wraps at 30,000 Feet American Airlines announced yesterday that …

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Jan 30

It’s Official: Prices Are Going Up


After two years of declining ticket prices in the airline industry, things are looking up for them in 2017, as most are predicting positive unit revenues, or RASM*, trends. Prices Are Heading up True, you may not have noticed it if you didn’t live in a competitive market but, over the last two years, ticket …

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Dec 10

Airlines in The News

Any press that the airlines get is generally negative, so it’s nice when there is something positive to write. Here are a couple of items: In-Flight Birth on Southwest Sounds like Southwest did everything well when a woman gave birth on one of their flights. Travel and Leisure magazine noted that the flight only got in …

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Nov 01

Get Ready for An Unpleasant Surprise Next Year: Fare Increases


The past two years has seen an almost unprecedented phenomenon in the airline industry: consecutive years of fare declines. I know, it doesn’t feel like fares have been dropping, but they have. As ultra-low cost carriers spread everywhere and airlines become more competitive with each other than ever, the airlines have been forced to lower prices. …

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Oct 26

Will Southwest Airlines Implement New Bag Fees?


My primary goal with this blog is to provide assistance to those who are novices in the frequent flyer game (or just like a good read). Thus, the “101” moniker. Every so often, though, I find a topic that’s interesting enough that it’s worth taking it up a notch. Today provides one such opportunity. Has …

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Oct 20

Department Of Transportation Addresses Minor Issues

Yesterday, the Department Of Transportation (DOT) put out a press release heralding their latest accomplishments in the name of consumers. It wasn’t much, of course. It rarely is. But what caught my eye was how easily the airlines could have addressed many of the issues they “fixed” without involving the government. What Was It? There …

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Oct 03

How Much Longer Will the 747 Last?

In August, we sadly heard about the death of Joe Sutter, the engineer who helped to create the 747. Now, we are discussing the retirement of the 747 from the Cathay Pacific fleet. This follows the retirement of the 747 from the Air France fleet, earlier this year. Which leads one to ask, is this …

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Aug 09

American Airlines Confirms Entertainment Options

Last year, American Airlines announced a huge investment in its in-flight and airport products. Today, we got a little more information on the changes, with a headline on the in-flight entertainment (a problem that Delta has already fixed, for the most part). Yes, gone are the days of decks of cards and wings for the …

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Aug 02

American Airlines: You Are Now Your Ticket Price

American Airlines Goes Revenue-Based Yesterday, American Airlines officially became the last of the three legacy carriers to move to a revenue-based system to determine how many miles you will earn on your flight. In a world where the length of the flight does not necessarily correlate to the price, I’m not surprised that this change …

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Jul 12

What’s Happening in The Airline Industry…

And we’re back! Just got back to the US yesterday and am recovering from jet lag while trying to figure out why thousands of people are walking around staring at their cell phones, trying to catch imaginary objects. Qatar Taking A Share in Lan Airlines The Middle East carriers (Qatar, Etihad and Emirates, better known …

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