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Feb 08

Are Airlines About To Win Another Regulations Battle?

Scott McCartney writes a weekly column for the Wall Street Journal called “The Middle Seat,” which reviews current events in the world of airlines. The column alone is often worth the cost of the subscription, and yesterday’s piece was particularly interesting. Goodbye Red Tape Road, Or Consumer Protections? According to Mr. McCartney, the DOT and …

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Nov 20

Good Luck, Thanksgiving Travelers

I don’t have to tell anyone here that Thanksgiving is among the worst times for air travel. Flights are packed, cost a fortune and lines are interminable. Here are a few hints that might help to speed you on your way: Do Anything You Can At Home: The less you have to do at the …

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Oct 26

How Much Is A Point Worth? First, Weigh Your Opportunity Cost.

opportunity cost

One of the most frequent questions that I get is about whether a customer should use points or cash to “buy” an airline ticket, hotel room, etc. It’s usually along the lines of, “This ticket on Delta/American/United from New York to Los Angeles will cost $800 or 60,000 miles. At that rate, the miles are …

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Aug 11

When First Class Is Almost As Cheap As Coach


It’s the first thing we do when we book a flight: Look in the left-hand columns at the cheapest coach fares (Skip Basic Economy, where you are required to surrender most civil rights.) and pick the one that gives you the best fare at the time you want to go. Not too many people swipe …

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Aug 03

SeatGuru: The Best Website For Choosing A Seat


One of the more stressful parts of booking a trip is choosing seats. Sure, you know that you probably don’t want the window seat in the last row of the plane, right in front of the lavatory. But what other factors do you need to look at? Is your window mis-aligned? Will you have a …

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Aug 02

Don’t Let Systems Outages Ruin Your Trip

Late last night/early this morning, British Airways suffered yet another computer outage, which marks approximately the 473rd in the past six months. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. It was the sixth in the last year and lasted under an hour, as opposed to the failure that took the airline down in May, but …

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Jul 26

The Problem With Low Cost Carriers…

Low Cost Carriers (LCCs), whether they’re Southwest or Spirit, are good for the airline industry. They keep costs down for passengers and allow you to pay for what you need. The Problem Is… There’s one big problem with LCCs, though. When something goes wrong, you have fewer options. Most (Southwest is an exception.) LCCs have …

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Jul 19

Point Expiration: Your Annual Checkup

Rule #1 when playing the mileage game is to sign up for every free program that you can. It doesn’t matter if you think that you will never use the company’s product/services again. If it’s free, there is simply no downside. Rule #1a is organizational in nature. Keep a spreadsheet with a list of your …

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May 17

American Airlines Changes Upgrade Prioritization (Again)

american airlines

One of the better moments in travel is when you get that email (or the hand-off from a gate agent) that you’ve been upgraded. Each airline has its own method for determining who gets upgraded when, and those criteria change every few years, which is too bad, because it usually takes me that long to …

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May 11

Citi Double Cash Card: The Best Credit Card for Most People

citibank double cash

A few days ago, I was asked for a credit card recommendation by a friend. I went into my diatribe about the various cards, benefits, etc. She listened patiently for a minute and then said, “I just want a card to use for everything. I don’t have the time to sort through my wallet and …

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