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Aug 07

Cash Back On Back-To-School Shopping

It’s been a light weekend, which means I got to read some of the emails that have been filling up my inbox. Only one of them caught my eye, and it was about back-to-school shopping.

With the start of school only about a month away, merchants are starting to push their spiral notebooks and three-ring binders, along with everything else that a child could want. You’ll no doubt be getting the circulars but, if you want to do it all online, make sure to get something back for it.

Discover Deals


A few of your potential deals

Discover Deals are probably the best way to get cash back, whether it’s back-to-school or anything else.* While the email referenced pencils, books and dirty looks, you can still get at least 5% back from almost any merchant. The only caveat is that you need a Discover card to access the discounts, it’s a card that comes with no annual fee, no foreign exchange fees and excellent customer service (not to mention double points for your first year).

As for Discover Deals, they’re simply a gimme. Access the merchant through Discover’s shopping page and you will get money back. Combine that cash with the 5% quarterly bonus categories and double points your first year, and you may earn enough to pay for all of next year’s goodies.


Beginner’s Hint: I get an occasional question about why Discover, or other cash back shopping sites, are able to give you a percentage of the sales price back. Nope, it’s not because they send you to a secret website that charges you more. When you click on a merchant through Discover Deals, you go to the regular merchant’s website. Rather, the merchant gives Discover a percentage of the sale as a “thank you” for referring a customer. Discover then shares that cash back with you.


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