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Apr 22

Bonus Miles From AA Shopping And Free Airline Internet

It’s not much, but in the world of “every mile counts,” you take whatever bonus you can. Here’s a small one for doing shopping from American.*

Up to 500 Bonus American AAdvantage Miles

American AAdvantage

You could buy an umbrella to stop that rain and get some miles.

Airlines offer frequent bonuses through their shopping sites. The bonuses are rarely huge, but they’re easy. In this case, you can get an extra 500 American AAdvantage for spending $200 through their shopping site. That’s in addition to the normal miles that you get in the shopping mall. You have from now until April 30 to make your purchases and you don’t have to spend the entire $200 at once. It’s cumulative during the period.

Airline Internet Access

It wasn’t that long ago that the internet consisted of two cans attached by a string. Now, as the clip above shows, we can’t go a few hours without it.

Wi-Fi on airlines used to operate at the speed of dial-up. Now, anything below a speed that accommodates Netflix is considered unacceptable. The current download speed on my flight is 17 Mbps. A few years ago, I was happy to get that at home. The only problem is that it’s not cheap. A session may cost you $15-20.

But you don’t have to pay that, at least ten times per year. The American Express Platinum Card isn’t cheap, either, but it does come with a bunch of benefits that should more than offset the annual fee, including a $200 travel fee credit, tons of airport lounge access, a credit for a Global Entry fee and a lot of other good stuff. It’s worth a look if you will use the benefits.


*Beginner’s Hint: Never, ever buy anything on the internet without getting a rebate of some sort. The Shopping and Travel page can give you some hints about ways to get miles or money back from purchases that you’d make anyway.


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