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Oct 10

Bits And Pieces…

I’m out of the office and on the west coast, so I have no idea what time it is, which is kind of a nice feeling. Here are a few bits and pieces from the last few days…

Las Vegas Is Back (Hint: It Never Left)

We arrived in Las Vegas Sunday night and life seems to have normalized. As a Bostonian, I remember the way that my home city came together after the Marathon bombing and it is the same in Las Vegas. Everyone I’ve spoken with has talked about the impact that the shooting had and how people have rallied behind each other. #lasvegasstrong is everywhere.

Airlines Rally

Never ones to be left too far behind, the airline stocks have reaccelerated after a bit of time in the summer doldrums. Close-in bookings have improved somewhat and pricing is getting firmer. Many airlines have started raising expectations for the rest of this quarter and the fourth.

Subtotal Referrals

Subtotal, the restaurant app that I mentioned a few days ago, has just launched a referral program. Refer a friend and you’ll earn a dollar for each one that joins and uses it. You won’t get rich, but a dollar’s a dollar.

One nice feature at certain chain restaurants: The “Ziosk” tabletop bill payment machines (the ones that look like an iPad and try to get you to fork over $1.99 to play video games) will accept Subtotal barcodes. You don’t have to interact with the server if you have grown used to paying that way.


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