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Hi, I'm Mike and I've been collecting and burning frequent flyer miles for two decades now. Come join in the fun!

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Jun 05

A Couple Of Goodies From JetBlue


I’ve always had a soft spot for JetBlue. Decent service, in-flight entertainment and cheap prices. But the best thing about the airline is that it has frequent promotions. Here are a couple. Up to 6,000 Bonus Miles from Boston Or New York The 6,000 TrueBlue points promos are among the most common for JetBlue. For …

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Jun 02

Travel Card Mania

Last night, I was reading a piece that talked about incrementality and tolerance levels. In particular, it discussed the fact that, as a person becomes more exposed to stimuli, they need increasing amounts of it to generate the same “high,” whether it’s gambling, alcohol or iPads. Credit Card Bonuses While my discussion last night was actually …

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May 31

Laptop Ban Threat Over. I Think. Probably.

laptop ban

According to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spokesperson, the laptop ban on incoming flights from Europe is dead, for now (Yup, I did see the headline on the article.). This decision followed a meeting that Secretary John Kelly had with European officials on Tuesday. Of Course It’s Not Over Nevertheless, DHS never rules out anything, which …

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May 30

The Upscale Way To Beat The Airport Crowds

luxury lounge

I’m just returning from a trip, so it’ll take me a few days to get back into the swing of things. In the meantime… Beating The Crowds at The Airport (The Fun Way) Sure, you can fly on a private jet, but what happens when you are in the airport and the Paparazzi just won’t …

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May 27

American Airlines Upgrading Lounges, Flagship Dining

flagship lounge

Airlines are finally catching on to something that the rest of the world figured out years ago: If you are going to charge customers a huge multiple for a premium product versus the standard product, you’d better make it worth its while. American Airlines in particular has trailed its competitors in rolling out new products, but …

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May 24

Airport Security Is About To Get Suckier

And it doesn’t even involve a laptop ban. In its infinite wisdom, the TSA is testing even more measures to make your travel experience miserable. Here are the details: Get Ready to Unpack…Everything   Because separating your liquids, gels, electronics, etc. just isn’t enough. The Wall Street Journal today that the TSA has been testing …

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May 23

Are People On Planes Behaving Badly (Or Is It More Fake Media)?

Not a day goes by that we don’t read about an passenger, airline employee or airport cop behaving badly. So here’s the question: Are things really that bad? The Man in The Red Hat So this is what I don’t understand: Every news report I’ve seen has spent as much time talking about the passenger’s …

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May 22

Earn Delta Miles With Lyft


There will come a time when ride-sharing services are offering so many partner points that it becomes profitable to take one. Heck, they have the money to throw around. Uber lost almost $3 billion last year (but made it all up on volume). Delta Miles for Lyft Uber has traditionally had more partnerships that Lyft*, …

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May 19

Just For Fun: Here Is The Worst Idea That I’ve Ever Seen…

(Source: Flyertalk) Plane passengers should pay each other for the right to recline their seat, a study has found. A series of experiments from two top law professors in America found that plane passengers would demand on average $18 (£14) to stop the person in front reclining their seat. They said the bargaining idea would ensure …

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May 18

Starwood Launches Take Three Promo (And It’s Good)

take three

There’s a rule with promotion descriptions: the shorter the description, the better, and this one will be short. I’ve been disappointed in some of Starwood’s previous promotions, but the Take Three bonus* looks like a pretty good one. Here are the details: Take Three — Up to Triple Base Points On a standalone basis, Starwood’s …

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