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Hi, I'm Mike and I've been collecting and burning frequent flyer miles for two decades now. Come join in the fun!

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Mar 28

American And China Southern Pair Up

china southern

It’s like that uncomfortable moment at the Bar Mitzvah, when the last remaining kids end up pairing to dance, not because they are great together, but rather, they just don’t want to be standing their awkwardly while everyone else is having a good time. The Deal Okay, it’s not quite that bad, but I wonder …

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Mar 27

Why You Should Love Paying Taxes

taxes credit card

Please note: I am not a tax adviser. I have never been a tax adviser and will likely never be a tax adviser. Nothing in this post should be taken as tax advice and you should consult a professional with tax questions, not some guy on the internet. As the old saying goes, nothing is …

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Mar 25

Alaska And Virgin America Announce More Details

alaska air virgin america

With Alaska Airlines having defeated JetBlue in a battle for Virgin America, it’s time for the integration to begin. Most of the nuts and bolts take place behind the scenes, but they’ll give you details along the way about the stuff that matters to you. The big one for now is that the Virgin America …

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Mar 23

Hilton Brings Back Big Bonuses On Two Cards


Yesterday, I wrote about increased sign-up bonuses on several credit cards, including a Marriott Rewards Credit card that is now offering 80,000 points. Today, we’ve got Hilton cards offering up to 100,000 points.* I’m not sure we’re quite ready yet for your first million point card, but who am I to rule it out? Just …

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Mar 22

60/70/80: Credit Card Offers Are Heading Up

Delta Airlines

One of the benefits of intense bank competition is that they are willing to pay increasingly higher costs to acquire each new customer. In the case of credit cards, those acquisition costs include the sign-up bonuses that they will pay you when you get approved for the card and meet a minimal level of spending. …

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Mar 21

Travel Ban 3.0: New Electronics Restrictions on Certain Routes


Another day, another new government regulation. This one likely won’t affect you, but here are the details. Carry-On Electronics to be Limited on Some US-Bound Flights Last night, the US announced limits on electronic carry-ons from several mostly-Muslim countries (Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UAE). Not all the details are out, …

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Mar 20

Skip The Upcoming Sexual Harassment by Paying $85


Hey, good news: The TSA is enhancing its security procedures! Okay, not good news. Getting Intimate with your TSO In the name of “airport consistency,” which seems diametrically opposed to its normal “planned inconsistency” policy, the TSA is consolidating its five funky search methods into a single, more “comprehensive,” one. In other words, be prepared …

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Mar 17

And Now, for Something Completely Different…

In 2007, Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Friedman published what would become perhaps his best-known work, “The World is Flat; A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century.” The book addresses the issue of globalization and the continuing phenomenon of the world becoming more interconnected. Air travel, economic expansion and the internet have certainly made the planet …

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Mar 15

American Brings Back Main Cabin Meals on Some Flights

airline food

Remember the old joke about airline food, how it tastes awful and there’s never enough of it? Well, we’ve taken another step toward those days again, as American Airlines announced yesterday that it is joining Delta in bringing back meals in Economy on some flights. Eating Wraps at 30,000 Feet American Airlines announced yesterday that …

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Mar 14

SPG Cardholders: Take Advantage of Your Friends

Starwood American Express

Got a Starwood Preferred Guest credit card? Want a friend to get one? Here’s a little chance to pick up something extra. 5,000 SPG Points to Refer A Friend Banks know that their best advocates are often their current cardholders. That’s why they are often willing to refer you for referring a friend. Starwood will …

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