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May 23

Are People On Planes Behaving Badly (Or Is It More Fake Media)?

Not a day goes by that we don’t read about an passenger, airline employee or airport cop behaving badly. So here’s the question: Are things really that bad?

The Man in The Red Hat

So this is what I don’t understand: Every news report I’ve seen has spent as much time talking about the passenger’s “Make America Great Again” hat as they do actually talking about the incident. I’m not sure what his political leaningsĀ have to do with the incident, although I did get a laugh out of the passengers’ chanting “Lock him up.”. Apparently, our friend decided that he was entitled to an upgrade and, when one wasn’t granted, he attempted to take an entire row to himself. Interesting theory, poor execution. The gentlemen was escorted from the plane in San Francisco.

My Two Dads (Can’t Board)


Photo Source: Creative Commons

This one isn’t as clear-cut, but a family is claiming discrimination after not being allowed to board a Southwest flight in the family zone. The dads believe that the airline wouldn’t allow them to board with their kids because they were a same-sex couple, while Southwest insists that it was happy to allow the dads and the kids to board, but grandma would have to wait. To me, it sounds more like miscommunication than anything else and I have a feeling that this is the last we’ll hear of this case. And there must be a mother-in-law joke in here somewhere.

So Are People Really Behaving Worse

We’re getting one of these types of stories almost every day, which would lead one to question just how bad things are in the air. Truthfully, though, they’re no better or worse than usual. The airlines haven’t helped themselves but, after the United Airlines incident that ended with a bloodied doctor being dragged off a plane, the stories have simply become excellent clickbait.

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