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Jan 04

And Now, For Something Entirely Different…

The east coast is going to be buried in snow within about four hours, so I thought that it was time to write about something to keep us warm.

In-N-Out Adding Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate


Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco

Apparently, it’s been for sale for a few weeks now, but In-N-Out burger, which is known for its limited menu and fantastic hamburgers, has added Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate to its menu. The combination brings together two iconic west coast brands and may lead to a new world’s record in broken New Year’s resolutions.

Yes, I believe that In-N-Out is as good as you’ve heard it is, but the real underrated brand here is Ghirardelli, whose chocolate might be among the best in the world. I haven’t tried their hot chocolate, but if it’s as good as those ubiquitous chocolate squares that make a perfect present* for your favorite blogger (in particular, the peppermint bark or ones with caramel), then it may be time to start buying stock in Weight Watchers (You’re on your own with stocks.).

Here’s another thought: In-N-Out stores are primarily found in the southwest. Do you know what they don’t need a lot of in the southwest? Hot chocolate. Maybe, just maybe, In-N-Out is starting its long-awaited northeast expansion.


*Here’s a neat little trick for you. Ghirardelli stores are everywhere in San Francisco, and they’ll give you a free sample just for walking in the store. So instead of buying presents for people back home, simply collect all the samples and put them in a tin. Voila! Instant gift.

Oh, and if the Ghirardelli people are reading this, I’m just #askingforafriend. I’d never even consider doing it, even though I just considered doing it. I’d especially never consider doing it with the peppermint bark or caramel-filled ones.


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