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Mar 15

American Brings Back Main Cabin Meals on Some Flights

Remember the old joke about airline food, how it tastes awful and there’s never enough of it? Well, we’ve taken another step toward those days again, as American Airlines announced yesterday that it is joining Delta in bringing back meals in Economy on some flights.

Eating Wraps at 30,000 Feet

airline food

Note: This will NOT be your onboard meal. Not even close.

American Airlines announced yesterday that you will get fed again in the air, but only on certain flights. If you are flying between New York and either LA or San Francisco, congratulations, you’re in luck. You’ll get either a continental breakfast or a sandwich wrap.* Okay, your choice of meals won’t exactly be “chicken or fish,” but rather, “yes or no,” but it beats the alternative.

Airlines aren’t known as being the most generous companies in the world, but there’s a reason for that: Air travel is a very tough business. Over time, prices go down and costs go up, so making a margin is more difficult than ever. Thus, it’s important to remember that a profitable airline is a good thing. When the airlines make money, amenities come back. Guess what happens when they don’t.


*Beginner’s Hint: The airlines will still offer means for sale onboard. Here’s a tip: If you are a frequent purchaser of onboard meals, you should get your airline’s preferred credit card, since they will usually offer you a discount on your purchase.


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